Saturday, January 27, 2007


Security & Prosperity Partnership

Because the idea that our own government officials would commit national suicide is so repugnant and unthinkable, it is useful at this point to look at statements from official government websites so that we can be assured that it is real and not just some wild imaginings of 'conspiracy theorists'.

Caution: Since the 1980's, language has been used to mask the truth of what is being discussed. The use of the word 'partnership' is case in point. It sounds friendly and nice - neighborly. You have to peel off the mask of language and use the real words the words that accurately describe what they are talking about. "Partnership" means integration - integration of law and the functions of our governments - which by definition means the disintegration of national sovereignty.

George Bush and Vincente Fox launch the U.S.-Mexico Partnership for Prosperity Joint Statement - September 6, 2001 More - scroll down for dates Sept 4th thru Sept 7th. State Dept: Partnership for Prosperity.

April 21, 2001 (before September 11, 2001 & "terrorism"), Fact Sheet: President's Speech at the Summit of the Americas - Quebec City

Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America

Joint Statement - North American Leaders Unveil 'Partnership'

North American Partnership Offers Agenda of Prosperity

North American Partnership Offers Agenda of Security

SPP.Gov - Partnership in Treason Website

Canada - Partnership for Prosperity

Trade and Integration of the Americas

U.S. State Department - Issues for the 107th Congress (2001)

"President Fox has been urging an expanded European Union-like conception of NAFTA"

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