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Michael Savage: Line U.S. border with tanks
Possible presidential candidate suggests dropping nukes on terrorist sanctuaries

Posted: March 18, 2007
9:25 p.m. Eastern

By Aaron Klein
© 2007

Tanks keeping illegal immigrants from U.S. borders? Nukes dropped on terrorist sanctuaries? Iraqi insurgent strongholds barb-wired and then decimated?

That's just a glimpse into the future should ultra-opinionated radio host Michael Savage have his way and become the next leader of the free world.

The highly rated talker, whose books include "The Enemy Within" and "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder: Savage Solutions," announced last month he may leave the airwaves, join the political zoo and run for top office in the United States. Since then, over five million people affirmed they want him to seek the presidency, according to an online opinion poll conducted by Savage Productions.

In a WND interview today, the radio personality spelled out his official presidential policies on some of today's burning issues:

Regarding U.S. border control, Savage favors stationing the National Guard along America's periphery "with orders to shoot to kill."

"I'd also put tanks on the border if necessary. I'd reinforce the border after making sure we still have a border following so many years of having it melted down under George Bush," Savage said.

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Savage's formula for winning the war on terror is simple: "My platform would be nuke 'em and rebuke 'em. Hit them hard. Hit them fast and get out of the Middle East. Teach them we are the most powerful nation on earth and when our interests and their interests conflict, we are going to win."

The talker maintains America can "absolutely" be victorious in Iraq.

He said as president he would "send maximum force into the Sunni triangle and after giving them 72 hours to evacuate their women and children, turn on the Sadr City area and not go door to door, but decimate the entire area after barb-wiring the place and letting the women and children out."

Following his prescribed military campaign, Savage said Iraq would be divided into four quadrants as determined by the League of Nations after World War I.

He then turned to Iran, calling it a "great nation of great people," but deeming Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad "an anomaly, the Hitler of our time."

Savage advocated an international coalition unified against Ahmadinejad to ensure Iranians "have a chance to live in freedom and peace."

Savage said his presidential candidacy can do no harm, since the GOP in its current state is "incapable of winning." He knocked all the current Republican candidates as "good Republicans and bad conservatives. None of them evidence much of a conservative orientation."

While Savage is considering a run, vice-presidential candidates shouldn't be lining up just yet.

"I'm just exploring," he said in a previous online interview. "I could not continue to do my radio show. I've been told that once you've declared yourself a candidate and you're openly running, you have to give up your career in the media for obviously good reasons."

Savage, whose first books were published by WND, is now the nation's third-most popular talk-show host, reaching about 8 million fans listening on more than 370 stations weekly. His show is consistently ranked one of the nation's most influential, and is rated No. 1 in multiple major city markets, including his home base in San Francisco.

The Talk Radio Network host often sparks national news. Savage was credited with bringing the Dubai Ports World deal to national attention. The deal would have turned over U.S. port operations to the Middle Eastern company. A public outrage ensued, forcing Dubai Ports World to scuttle their plan.

Savage has written a series of best sellers. His latest, "The Political Zoo," is a satirical criticism of both Republicans and Democrats.

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