Friday, February 15, 2008


After enemies threaten Israel with "earthquake", tremor terrifies Lebanese

By Israel Insider staff February 15, 2008

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A day after Sheik Hassan Nasrallah warned of "open war" against Israel, and Iran's ambassador threatened an "earthquake" against the "Zionist regime," Lebanese and Palestinians were terrified by a real tremor. The eastern Mediterranean trembled with a moderate quake just after noon, shaking buildings in Beirut and sending terrified Lebanese and Palestinians into the streets. The second tremor in a week, it was slightly stronger than Monday night's, which measured 4.0 on the Richter scale.

The European-Mediterranean Seismological Center said on its Web site that the quake Friday was 5.3 on the Richter scale and that its epicenter was in Lebanon, more than 10 times the strength of the earlier one, whose epicenter was about 4 miles east of Tyre, in the heart of Hezbollah's stornghold in southern Lebanon. The state-run National News Agency said it lasted several seconds and sent panicked residents to the streets.

In the southern coastal city of Tyre, residents ran toward the seashore and began reciting verses of the Koran after the tremor struck, an AFP correspondent witnessed. Local television reported injuries and said some villages experienced power cuts. The chimney on one building in Tyre came tumbling down, crushing several vehicles. Lebanese police said four people were lightly injured in the southern port city of Tyre when parts of a balcony fell on them. In the southern city of Sidon, one person was lightly injured when a cupboard in his home fell on him, police said.

The earthquake interrupted Muslim prayer services on the West Bank, the AFP reported.

The quake was felt throughout Israel and Gaza, but was not known to have caused any damage here.

"I was sitting in my house in front of the computer when suddenly everything shook. Stuff fell from the desk. It took my a few seconds to realize this was an earthquake," a caller told Israel Radio.

This reporter felt the quake as a serious of waves that shook lights and rattled windows in a Tel Aviv suburb.

That probably would have come as a disappointment to Israel's enemies, who have been warning us about a catastrophe after the unexplained explosion of Hezbollah's arch-terrorist.
"The despicable crime will increase the Zionists' disasters and strengthen the courage of those who will hit the Zionist regime," said Ahmad Moussavi, Tehran's ambassador to Damascus on IRNA, the Iranian state news agency."His pure blood, just like the blood of the other fighters, will claim a heavy price from the enemy," Moussavi threatened. "The death of Imad Mugniyeh will lead to an earthquake in the Zionist regime," he said.

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