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If you can't handle the truth don't read this one.
Posted: Saturday, April 05, 2008
- written by jerry golden
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If you have been listening to the news you know that once again we see

Syria building

up their armed forces on our northern border. This is the largest military

build up they

have ever made. It is also known that Russia and Iran have supplied them

with many

advanced missiles capable for reaching all parts of Israel. At the same

time Hezbollah

has been very busy rebuilding their missile base under the watchful eye

of the UN troops

who at times have been known to even assist. Russia, Iran and North

Korea have made

sure that Hezbollah has longer range missiles in order to reach much

deeper into Israel

(Tel-Aviv) in this coming war.

Next week Israel will hold its largest ever nation wide simulated missile

attack drill, it will

continue from Sunday through Thursday. School children from

Kindergarten through

the 12th grade will be involved. Everyone in Israel should be advised

as to where they

need to run in the event of a surprise attack.

Once again we hear the IDF will be testing the Arrow anti-missile

Missile to see it is

capable of intercepting the Iranian Shihab 3 missile. A Black Sparrow

missile will be

fired off the coast over the Mediterranean Sea from an IAF fighter Jet

and will have

all the characteristics of a Shihab 3. This brings something to mind,

some friends of

ours living in Cyprus by chance witnessed the interception of a similar

test last year

while setting on their roof. At the time they had no idea what was


Things certainly are not looking good around here and what I am

about to write is

simply my take on this build up of arms and what is about to happen not

only here but

possibly in the US as well. Please keep in mind this is my opinion from

the way I see


There are other possible scenarios but one thing is certain we are now

being directed

by the powers to be to watch smoke screens and other diversions.

That is not to say

that what is happening and about to happen in the Middle East

(Namely Israel) isn’t real

but the plans to take out the US is far more important to Russia and the

Islamic world than

that of Israel. Israel is on the top of the list of importance by the Devil

who plans on setting

up his seat on the Temple Mount.

For those who think that the Russian Bear has been declawed are terribly

mistaken and

Putin is still in power and has only one thing in mind and that is revenge

and to become

the worlds only Super Power. If we look around all the nuclear plants

Russian is building

are in the nations that hate and want to destroy Israel and the US. They

arm the enemies

of Israel and the US with high tech missile and bombs. They feel that once

again they have

Syria and Iran as well as Hezbollah with the needed advantage to take

Israel out this time

with the added assistance of Hamas that has been rearmed with heavy

weaponry. But

Russia thought they had given enough to Syria, Jordan, and Egypt in

67, 73 and again

in 82 and failed as they will once again. This of course brings on the

necessary battle

of Armageddon that is in the not so distance future where Russia will

lead the charge only

to come face to face with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

It is no secret that Russia has several nuclear submarines off both coast

of the US

capable to taking out any US city at will. They are now flying there

nuclear bombers

over Alaska’s border and forever testing the US will to stop them.

The US 5th and 6th

fleets are getting regular low level fly over by Russian Bombers.

The global Islamic threat as serious as it is plays right into the hands

of the Russian plan.

You see unlike the US and Israel the Russians will not hesitate to solve

that problem when

they need to but for the time being it is the diversion they need to

prepare for their attack.

Many believe the Russians will send nuclear missiles across the US,

that will not happen,

what will happen are a few large cities like New York, L.A. possibly a

few others and then

they will simply tell the White House to surrender or else face total

destruction of the whole

country. The US will at that time be faced with surrender or total global

destruction by all

out global nuclear war. Not a nice picture I know this picture is not complete

I am sure. For

the Illuminati and others realize that with 6+ BILLION world population

promising to

increase by at least 50% in the coming years there is not enough food

supplies not to

mention energy to sustain such a global population. We read in the

Word of God Zechariah





That is as straight to the point as God can possibly put it. Today we

are seeing how all this

has been arranged to happen.

In short what we are about to witness (those who overcome or somehow survive)

is the stage

being set for the appearance of the anti-Christ. This event will once again be

directed right

back here in Israel as he will set up his base of power on the Temple Mount,

it is at that time

we will start the 7 year countdown (3 ½ and 3 ½). It is at this time we will

witness the return

of the Messiah Zechariah 14:4. What I am putting forth here is a blanket

overview not a

complete picture of future events for many thousands of events will occur

during this

scenario and thousands of false Prophets will be heard across the land

and they will

deceive many but not the very Elect of God.

It is obvious to me that many will reject this report, and I understand why

most people want

to eat pie in the sky and escape all the horror that is soon to be upon us,

but they best begin

to prepare first by getting as close to Yeshua as possible in all areas of

their life and bring

there family as well. Those Pastors who will not preach the truth and still cling

to the deception

of total escape will have to answer to an angry God for they were hirelings and

not Pastors.

We are asked what will happen to this Ministry in all of this, the answer is

simple we will

continue being obedient to God’s call and we will assist in bringing God’s

chosen back

to the Land He promise them and His Word will come to pass Isa. 11:11.

There are so many other things that could be added to this report, such

as the decline of

the dollar and the Bush Plan to bring in the North American currency.

China’s possible

calling in their debt in the US causing the US to go bankrupt. Or Russia,

Venezuela, Iran

and possible OPEC to begin selling oil for Euros instead of dollars making

the dollar without

any backing.

But there is one result that many will or are not too concerned with right

now, and that is

the blame for all of this will once again be placed on the backs of the Jews,

and another

holocaust will occur this time on a global bases. Jews will be running for

their lives not only

in Europe but throughout the world. God is speaking to many of us to be

ready to save as

many Jewish lives as we possible can, I pray if you are being touched by

God that you will

be obedient for much depends on your obedience.

We are soon to complete the transaction for the second larger boat.

Don’t be surprised if

I start trying to find another one. In fact what we really need is a much

larger one like this one.

But one like this cost several million dollars but could carry a

thousand at a time.

It would

take a full time Captain and crew, most of which would all be

Christian volunteers.

Lets allow ourselves to believe God for greater things and to allow us

to save many

more Jewish lives.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF, pray

for this Ministry

and your part in it.

Shalom, jerry golden


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