Tuesday, November 25, 2008


my friend Harry is 93 years old


Truly, truly I, as all fair-minded Americans, wish our President-elect a successful tenure in office. He will be in a position to do America tremendous good or destructive harm. I wish him good fortune, at least for our children's sake.

"CHANGE" is the magic word that catapulted him into the Oval Office.
And -- with the help of hundreds of millions of dollars for television ads and related campaign expenses. (Campaign reform. Another subject).

I'm one old geezer who has a good knowledge how advertising men and women work because, in my business, I dealt with quite a few of them.
They advertised him with the same cleverness, expense and sheer volume as do the pharmaceutical companies that advertise Viagra or Lipitor.

I don't mean to demean Barack Obama. I just want to tell you that young people on the Internet and college campuses, quickly adopted him as a folk hero, financed him handsomely with their flood of $5 and $10 donations and gave him uproarious welcome wherever he showed up.

Many older folks, feeling the cold breath of hard times a-coming also joined the "Change" parade by the tens of thousands.
I was on his mailing list from day 1 and have seen his rhetoric and "promises" somewhat muted through the long campaign weeks.

I remember, in an early speech Obama describing himself as a "citizen of the world" Did I hear wrong?

That got me worried. I am an American citizen, first, last and always -- and the rest of the world (the Global Society?) can go its merry way without our butting into
their business and minding our own.

That's what George Washington advised in his Farewell Address -- "not to get in foreign entanglements".

Boy! Are we entangled. From the vile, America-hating United Nations to the Global Economy, we are now so entangled that it will take a real American -- perhaps Barack Obama??? and his "Change Brigade" - to get us out of those Global trade treaties that are the root cause of our present banking, Stock Market, mortgage and other crises -- and have already destroyed our children's PRODUCTIVE job future,
NOT service jobs that produce NOTHING for EXPORT..(When will people understand that, without our huge exports BEFORE we embraced the Global Economy and gave our factories away -- our future can only lead to poverty, not prosperity). DON'T BLAME ME. BLAME YOUR CORRUPT CONGRESSES!


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