Sunday, May 17, 2009


my friend HARRY is 94 years old


An American family moved next door. Four lovely daughters. The eldest 19, is looking for a job. . . looking for a job. . . looking for a job.
But, no decent jobs to be found.

My heart aches for this young woman and for all the youngsters, pouring out of our over-rated high schools and colleges -- and into a vanished job market.

I hope, by this time, you understand the VAST difference between a service job and a REAL productive job.

Where are those PRODUCTIVE jobs?

Oh, apathetic Americans -- where have you been, what have you been doing while our country's prosperity engine -- our manufacturing industries, high and low-tech jobs were hi-jacked to COMMUNIST China, Japan, India, Mexico, etc. etc.

I had hoped that Barack Obama's call for "change" would result in a COMMON-SENSE administration, that traced our economic sickness back to the CORRUPT Congresses of BOTH parties. I had hoped a new President would point at the source of our fatal economic and political illness --- "most favored nation" trade with China and other slave-wage countries, illegal immigration, "earmark" corruption in every bill that reaches his desk for signature into another "law".

My hopes were in vain. Obama thinks he can SPEND his way out of our economic mess? NEVER! All his spending can provide is a flurry of SERVICE, "fix-it", research jobs that COST money and brings no wealth to our country.

China now has the formula that once made us rich -- export, export, export -- products not b.s.

WE will get more borrowing, more printing press "funny money" (no gold backing) and hyper-inflation.

I can assure you that our Founding Fathers would NOT have wanted us involved in the World Trade Organization, the World Bank or the despicable United Nations, now dominated by despotic, communist, Muslim and fascist regimes that hate America and everything that democracy stands for.

I can assure you that "water-boarding" is hardly a topic of concern among nations that gouge out prisoners' eyes, pull out fingernails with pliers, break bones, use electric shock on genitals and then sashay off to the U.N. to complain about the "cruelty" practiced by the U.S. on a few Muslim killers caught with the blood of Americans on their hands.

But - that is another topic, not to be forgotten -- and won't.
Does God love greedy, stupid. UNpatriotic people?
He must because, otherwise. . .

WHY did he create so many of them -- and permit them to becomes Congressmen (Pernicious Pelosi, too), Senators, Presidents and C.E.O.s of so many vulture corporations?

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