Thursday, February 17, 2011

Personal Commentary


I have decided this is the proper time to write a personal commentary about our ECONOMIC situation. What I am about to write is my own opinion only and I admit freely that I do not claim to have a degree in Economics or a college degree of any kind, but I am not stuck on stupid like most people in this world.

First I honestly believe all that is happening is pre ordained by G-d the FATHER, all elected officials world wide were put in office for his end game that will lead to the final Battle in the Valley of JEZREEL which is about 55 miles North of Jerusalem. ISAIAH 34-6 will initiate this. This book or play has been written in concrete thousands of years ago and nothing can change it. Right now its Target = "JERUSALEM" the only winner will be G-d the FATHER. The ESSENES spelled it out in the DEAD SEA SCROLLS FOUND IN 1947.

Lets get back to ECONOMICS which I have very limited experience in but I am going to explain it to you as I see it. Lets first break down what a TRILLION dollars means. One (1) Trillion Dollars is one (1) one thousand Billion dollars. One BILLION dollars is one (1) thousand Million dollars. Most people like me have no concept of how much money $$$ this represents.

Lets now assume the UNITED STATES has a credit card issued by the BANK OF CHINA which I will call the MASTER CHINA CARD. Credit limit is 14 Trillion dollars. Its like our personal credit card where we must pay a minimum monthly bill every month so as not to be in default or late. This MCC (master china card) requires a minimum payment of one Million dollars per month to maintain its stability and credit line. Are you with me so far ??

So the UNITED STATES must make this payment come hell or high water to maintain its credit line or they will default or cancel our credit card. These Government programs initiated to get more money now go to pay off this monthly debt, and as most of you already know paying the minimum balance never will get you out of debt, it just gets you deeper in debt depending on the interest rate that this MCC is now charging you. If you are late you pay a late fee. There is basically no way out, you are caught in a revolving door with no exit.

This is the easiest way I have come up with to explain what our situation is at this time. Printing more fake money with no gold behind it thanks to "NIXON" becomes Monopoly play money. Its just a fraud and only a matter of time before American states start to declare Bankruptcy. When they do the Police, Firemen, State employees etc, will all lose their pensions that they worked so hard for all their lives.

I have no answers, I know this is going to get much worse. Just look what happened to GERMANY after WWI. This is how Hitler came to power, promising people a future of lies and deceit. We are now at the beginning of the end as I see it, in my opinion this has "ALL" been pre ordained. The key now is the more that the UNITED STATES turns their back on ISRAEL which is still the land of G-d whether you want to believe it or not the worse it will get.

Here is what I see that will happen and it is my opinion only. As it is written so it shall be done. GENESIS 12-3 tells you clearly what G-d will do. then to clarify, go to OBADIAH 1-15 and G-d basically says that what you do to the Jews will be done to you. There is so much more but you must get the idea by now.

I am going to tell you why G-d in the end destroyed FDR, CHURCHILL, STALIN. You do not have to believe a word I say but I am compelled to tell you. DURING WWII The Rabbi's begged FDR and CHURCHILL to bomb the railroad tracks going into the NAZI death camps and they "BOTH" refused saying it was not a priority target. The Rabbi's only wanted the tracks destroyed. FDR refused to allow a ship full of Jews to enter the UNITED STATES, these Jews went back to Germany and were killed.

As far as CHURCHILL its much more complicated than that, he turned NAZI GERMAN AGENTS into "DOUBLE" agents that he used to feed the "NAZI's" misinformation. Churchill decided during the terrible NAZI bombing of LONDON to feed the NAZI machine using his converted GERMAN DOUBLE AGENTS coordinates of the "JEWISH AREAS" of LONDON to be annihilated by NAZI bombers to save the areas he deemed were more important. It was done and G-d the FATHER paid him and FDR back big time. This is fact. The HEBREW ANGEL OF DEATH KILLED THEM BOTH.

Lets talk about STALIN. Aside from killing his own people and being a mass murderer. In his last days on earth he issued an order saying that ALL "JEWS" were to be killed. On the 12th day before his orders were carried out he was stricken with a massive brain hemorrhage and died. This was again done by the HEBREW ANGEL OF DEATH. This is the same ANGEL that killed all the first born in EGYPT DURING THE TIME OF MOSES. HE IS STILL DOING HIS WORK AS I WRITE.

This is as I see it and its going to get a great deal worse. America is in Decline and I can only feel very bad because I grew up in a once great America that I will never forget. I was dirt poor, had nothing but G-d the FATHER was always in my life from day one.

Thank you


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