Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Israel's Lost Opportunities

A Pakistani Muslim defiles the Israeli flag with his dirty sandaled feet (July 21, 2006)

The latest war that has been imposed upon Israel by the Arab Muslim Nazi terrorists gives the Jewish state so many golden opportunities to do so many vital things. But the traitor Israeli government, army, news media, and establishment are predictably squandering every single one of these opportunities.

Immediately after the 1967 Six Day War, little Israel could have easily expelled all of the Arab Muslim Nazis who lived in the Holy Land.

The world was sympathetic to Israel as never before. The whole world witnessed the Arab Muslim Nazi dictators all publicly promising "to push the Jews into the sea" and "to finish Hitler's job."

When the tiny Jewish state, which then had a population of only 2.5 million Jews, beat back the Arab Muslim attackers, who came from nations that then had a combined population of 160 million, it was the ultimate reenactment of David versus Goliath.

Only 22 years after the Nazi Holocaust, when memories of what happened to over six million innocent Jews were still fresh, the Arab Muslim vow to carry out another Holocaust stunned the world.

The world bore witness to the purest example of a war between good and evil. The children of the Holocaust survivors rose from the ashes of Auschwitz with iron fists and blazing guns to beat back the heirs to the legacy of Nazism, the Muslims, in a miraculous and breathtaking victory.

In the atmosphere of June 1967, Israel could have expelled all of the Arab Muslim Nazis in the Holy Land with only minimal protest from the world.

This was a tragic lost opportunity, which Israel has paid a very heavy price for.

Now, in this latest war, Israel has new historic opportunities which she once again is squandering.

The first opportunity involves the Arab Muslim Nazis who live in Judea, Samaria, and the Gaza District.

If Israel would hermetically cut off all electricity, water, food shipments, foreign aid, and other assistance to the Arabs, it would cause instant starvation and desperation that would force the Arabs to leave these Jewish Biblical areas.

It would certainly be an understandable act of war to cut off supplies to the enemy. Although the European Jew-haters and the news media Jew-haters would criticize Israel, the criticism would not be very harsh as even the critics would know deep down that Israel is simply doing what every normal nation must do in a time of war.

Blood on a floor of a Haifa bookstore, where a Hezballah Muslim terrorist rocket struck down
an Israeli citizen

The deadly power of a Hezballah rocket - A building in Nahariya was sprayed by deadly shrapnel. (The rockets, besides being encased in metal, are packed with ball bearings and other small metal parts, to inflict as much indiscriminate injury as possible.)

Israel would not even have to lift a finger to expel the Arabs. The Arabs would leave en masse on their own. Israel would open the borders to enable the Arabs to leave as a humanitarian gesture, since allowing them to leave the war zone is the most humane solution.

Afterwards, there would be demands that the Arabs be permitted to return. Israel would reject those demands just as she has rejected the demands of Arabs who fled the 1948 War of Independence to return.

If only JTF and its heroic Israeli allies were in power in Israel, this golden opportunity would have been exploited already.

A Jordanian woman celebrates the Jew-killing exploits of Hezballah

A powerful Hezballah rocket
blasted through the reinforced
concrete of a Haifa balcony

A second golden opportunity for Israel in the current war involves Muslim Nazi Iran and its program to develop nuclear bombs.

This is the perfect time for the Israeli air force to destroy all Iranian Muslim Nazi nuclear reactors, factories, and laboratories.

Even the Jew-hating world would have to understand that Israel is retaliating against the Iranian missile attacks on Israeli cities. And that tiny Israel cannot afford to allow the maniacal Iranian terrorist regime to create nuclear bombs, so that the fanatic ayatollahs and mullahs could carry out their promise to "wipe Israel off the face of the earth."

A bombed-out Lebanese street

One Hezballah rocket pierced a three-story home from top to bottom, exploding on its way through - Fortunately, the occupants of the house had earlier evacuated it, in fear of just such a possibility. (The object hanging in front of the hole in the ceiling is a lighting fixture.)

If the world complained about Israel's actions, so what? The world is complaining about Israel's hopelessly wimpy actions now.

These are just two of the numerous golden opportunities that the traitor leaders of Israel refuse to exploit. Not only the leaders, but the people of Israel who support these leaders over and over again, have so much to answer for on Yom HaDin (The Day of Judgment).

According to Kofi Annan, the Hezballah Muslim terrorists are not terrorists - in fact, they are not even militants! - Instead, the corrupt UN leader avowed at a recent assembly on Israel, they are "alleged militants"

When we urge Jews and righteous Gentiles to support JTF, so that JTF can support its heroic allies in Israel, and so that JTF can bring this vital message to the people of Israel, we are not speaking only about politics or mere differences of opinion.

We are speaking about Jewish survival.

A Muslim woman in Bahrain, a supposed partner in America's war on terror, waves a poster of Hezballah Muslim terrorist leader Hassan Nasrallah

Israeli soldiers in their prayer shawls

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