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Obama's Big Gamble:
Odds Shifting

By: Devvy
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Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro, aka Barry Obama, aka Barack Dunham, aka Barry Dunham, still thinks in his cocky arrogance he can pull off the big con and step into the White House. I submit to you that the odds are shifting in favor of the truth and not the fiction offered up by Obama.

Obama has under estimated the tenacity and determination of millions of Americans who demand truth above lies and believe the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land to be enforced equally across the board.

There's a lot of scratch riding on Obama's ascent to the Oval Office. Unfortunately, those who bet the farm on this impostor aren't going to realize big returns on their investment. The question of Obama's eligibility isn't going away January 20th or any other date until proof is provided (not a poorly forged birth certificate) that he was a 'natural born citizen' at birth. Obots (those who blindly follow Obama without a clue as to who he really is and what he represents) can continue to parrot false hoods they hear or read on liberal/progressive web sites, but it will not change the facts regarding Obama's birth. Tune out those distractions and stay focused.

As I have outlined in previous articles, I have filed several Freedom of Information Act requests (FOIAs) and State Records Act requests. In a previous article, you saw the response from the University of Hawaii:

As you can see from that document, Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama's mother, was not in school during the important year: 1961; was she even in the U.S. for part of that year? Some are claiming the U of Hawaii has lied about the dates. It takes time to put all the dots together when you have to fight like a lion for every scrap of paper.

Below are the documents I received under the State Records Act from Illinois. I originally filed with Jesse White, Secretary of State, but his office wrote back that such a request needed to be sent to the State Board of Elections. My request was as follows:

Under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act Request, 5 ILCS 140, I hereby request the following:

Re: Illinois State Senate Race 1996

All records, proof of citizenship, forms, affidavits or official paperwork submitted by Barack Hussein Obama required by the State of Illinois to be placed on the ballot in 1996.

This request includes any and all hard copy, electronic transmissions related to the above as well as emails.

I did not request documents relating to Obama's declaration of eligibility for president. However, if you've filed enough FOIAs (state or federal), this is about normal. It seems few can read or comprehend a simple request and so you get all sorts of documents, but the ones you really want aren't there.

Off my request went and this is their response:

Exhibit One: Letter signed by Steven S. Sandvoss

Exhibit Two: Statement of Candidacy dated October 2, 2007

The Statement of Candidacy is signed by Obama, although his signature is impossible to read. He states that he is legally qualified to seek the office of president of the United States of America. I did not request this document.

The second Statement of Candidacy is dated December 3, 2003.

Exhibit Three

I did not ask for this document, either. I requested for the paperwork for 1996. This single piece of paper allegedly is all that is required by the Secretary of State, Illinois, to be "legally qualified" to unlawfully run for the U.S. Senate. Unlawfully, because the Seventeenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was NOT ratified by the required number of states. The fraud over this amendment is even worse than the fraudulent ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment.

The State of Illinois apparently does not require any proof of citizenship or that the individual even provide their full legal name. We know Obama lied on his Illinois Bar Registration by swearing that he has never used any other names:

Tomorrow I shall send off another letter to the General Counsel in Illinois who responded and ask for the documents I requested. If you'll notice on the letter from Sandvoss, it is addressed to Ms. Horrigan --- obviously, that isn't me. The letter is simply a boiler plate canned response to the requests coming into that office and this lawyer couldn't even get the names of requesters correct. Well, you know what they say, the devil's in the details.

Anyway, my FOIA requests with the U.S. State Department continue to be ignored and the legally mandated time for responding has now passed. Tomorrow I shall send off notification to the State Department that I expect them to get off the dime and get the documents I requested which are:

This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. § 552) and the regulations thereunder.

I am requesting records pertaining to:

Stanley Ann Dunham
Date of Birth: November 29, 1942
Date of death: November 7, 1995
Place of Birth: Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
Married name: Stanley Ann Obama

I am requesting a copy of Stanley Ann Obama's application for a U.S. passport. This request is for all documentation and paperwork submitted by Mrs. Obama to obtain a U.S. passport and date the passport was issued.

I am requesting copies of all Stanley Ann Obama's travel records for the period February 1961 through December 1961. These records to include Mrs. Obama's departure from the U.S. and dates of return.

And, the same for Comrade Obama's father:

I am requesting records pertaining to:
Barack Obama, Sr.
Date of Birth: 1936, died 1982
Place of Birth: Nyanza Province, Kenya.

I am requesting a copy of Barack Obama, Sr.'s travel records for the period February 1961 through December 1961; entry into the U.S. and departure from the U.S. to any destination.

Both individuals are long deceased so there is no privacy issue here. If I have to file a lawsuit, so be it. While unfortunate, I had to sue over my last FOIA to the FAA regarding Flight 93 and won. Obama has spent more than a million dollars trying to shoo away this issue, but we are not shrinking violets and we will not go away until the whole truth is exposed.

While the core issue is with Obama's father and citizenship, it is of paramount importance that we obtain all documentation available about Obama, i.e., where and when he was born. All of this is critical because this man has made it his mission to keep his life sealed up tighter than a water proof vault. From his birth to college records, Obama doesn't want the American people to know certain facts and that is why we will not stop until those facts are exposed.

Of course, Obama could make some of this go away. The Obama's have left Hawaii to head for DC and his coronation. A 12 day vacation at a $9 million dollar mansion; would love to know who footed the bill for that vacation. One would think given the massive amount of headaches and mega bucks being spent on the birth certificate issue, that once again while Obama was in Hawaii, he could have put on his shirt, headed on over to the Hawaii Department of Public Health, obtained his complete file and made it available to the swarm of media hanging on his every word. No, of course not. Better the time is spent flexing his pecs for the cameras. While Obots and the sycophant media think Obama is just too cool, I find it extremely distasteful to see an alleged future president cavorting in the surf. Yes, he's entitled to swim in the ocean, but it's so fake. Obama has never met a mirror he didn't love. While Obama acts nonchalant, nothing he does is casual. The size of his ego dwarfs even serial adulterer, Bill Clinton.

Divorce documents: Obama's parents

If you go to this web site, you will see the divorce papers between Obama's parents:

I printed them out and studied with my trusty magnifying glass. Obama's mother is the plaintiff: Stanley Ann Soetoro. However, she signs some documents as S. Ann Dunham Soetoro. We must assume this marriage is what created one of Obama's legal names: Barry Soetoro. On page one of the court documents, the parties list 1 child under age 18 and over 18. Stanley and Lolo Soetoro had one child together, Maya Soetoro. It is alleged Obama was adopted by Lolo Soetoro. Only the minor child, Maya, is mentioned by name in all the documents. As these divorce papers were signed in June of 1980, Obama would be the child over 18. Stanley must have been a woman of means as she declined any spousal or child support. Page 5 shows, "Defendant (Lolo) shall not be required to provide for the support, maintenance and education of the minor child."

As for the lawsuits still in play:

Broe v. Reed. This lawsuit has been filed in Washington State and has the potential to check mate Obama and his mega bux per hour lawyers. While the case is scheduled to be heard on January 8, 2009, according to the report below, it could be delayed until a ruling is made regarding a subpoena request:

New suit claims unique state law enables citizens to demand proof

The responses by Secretary of State's across this country continues to astound rational thinking Americans:

"The SOS argues that plaintiffs case should be dismissed because 1) it is moot; 2) plaintiffs have failed to join an indispensable party; 3) plaintiffs have failed to state a claim in mandamus because a candidate's eligibility for office is presumed, and the SOS has no duty and is prohibited by law from investigating a candidate's qualifications; and 4) the qualifications of the President is a federal question."

A candidate's eligibility for office is presumed? The same cow patty was dished up regarding McCain:

Judge Rules McCain's U.S. Citizenship is "Highly Probable"

This is bogus. Leo Donofrio's lawsuit included McCain's ineligibility as a candidate and the absolute concrete reasons why McCain was not a natural born citizen at birth. Congress tried to pull a con on this one with a resolution, but it doesn't change the facts. Why would a Democrat controlled Congress do this for McCain? Why, to pave the road for their impostor of choice: Obama. These links tell the story:

We have to remember the key issue here is natural born at birth. I have put key documents and material from the Leo Donofrio and Cort Wrotnoski cases into the audio section on my web site for convenience, besides in print from my columns. If you would like to get the truth and not rehashed media lies, please go here:

You will want to click on the December 15th link and the Clarification of the Wong Kim Ark case.

Phil Berg has filed another lawsuit. He currently has two other dates pending in the U.S. Supreme Court [Docket No. 08 - 570] with two [2] Conferences scheduled on January 9th and 16th 2009. Phil's new client is Lt. Colonel (Ret.) Gregory S. Hollister. According to Phil's latest press release, "The suit is in the nature of an Interpleader that shifts the burden of proof to the Defendants, Soetoro a/k/a Obama and Biden to show that they are "qualified" for office." Phil goes on to say in his press release:

"I am determined, on behalf of the 320 million citizens in the United States, to see that "our U.S. Constitution" is followed. Specifically, in the case of Soetoro a/k/a Obama, does he meet the constitutional qualifications for President ? I do not believe so based upon: 1) Obama was born in Kenya and because his mother was not nineteen [19], he was only "naturalized" and therefore, not qualified to be President; 2) Obama was legally adopted/acknowledged in Indonesia at the approximate age of six [6] and attended school as "Barry Soetoro," [his step-father is Lolo Soetoro] for four [4] years - Indonesia did not have dual citizenship and to attend school, he had to be adopted or acknowledged and he became a "natural" citizen of Indonesia; 3) when he returned to Hawaii at age ten [10], there is a question if he returned through U.S. Immigration - (a) if he did, Barry Soetoro would have been given a "Certification of Citizenship" that would have indicated he was a "naturalized" U.S. citizen since he was a "natural" citizen of Indonesia; or (b) if he did not go through immigration, which I believe, then Soetoro a/k/a Obama is an illegal alien and therefore, not constitutionally qualified to be President and his three [3] years as an U.S. Senator were a fraud."

All court filings are here:

Dr. Orly Taitz, an amazing and delightful woman, has been in the thick of this unnecessary war. I recommend you visit her web site. Dr. Taitz was just in DC and found missing certificates of votes:

The links below provide additional information for your consideration:

Obama the Magic Negro

Michelle Obama's law license: Court ordered inactive status. Why?

At the bottom of my column, there are several very important links, see here:

From Pat Briley, columnist for, December 25, 2008:

Criminal Liability? See Obama's 2007 Tax Return For Chicago Mansion Taxes, Interest Deductions

A Check of Obama's 2007 income tax return at:

shows Obama deducted $22,161 for property taxes. Can we assume the taxes were on this property? Did Obama pay them? Or did Rezko's attorney William Miceli? Did Micelei also take a tax deduction?

Obama also deducted $57,838 in mortgage interest. If Obama and Miceli both took tax deductions for property taxes and/or mortgage interest payments one or more of the men could be criminally liable.

"An attorney for convicted fundraiser Tony Rezko [William Miceli] is listed as the owner and taxpayer for Barack Obama's Chicago mansion, according to records obtained by WND." fa=PAGE.view&pageId=84101

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