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Fellow Americans,

"Out of the mouths of babes you sometimes hear wisdom their elders rarely exhibit".

Nice phrase to quote but, unfortunately, not true.

That innocent children need time to develop brain and thinking skills -- and years for -- growth, school, social contacts, work, mind enrichment through reading -- and then, perhaps wisdom.

I've "found" a few of these gifted young children and will ask them to comment on current events -- so often distorted by their elders, the media and politicians who speak with forked tongues, false promises -- and lies.
Look at the face of that loudmouth on today's attachment.

He is typical of the "true believer" Eric Hoffer so accurately describes. Don't confuse him with facts -- his mind is made up.
This zealot wants to save the world when all he needs do is look around him -- with open, not a zealot's glare, and see that our (his) America is being pushed into poverty -- even as we posture and rattle our non-existent "wealth" to show what charitable people we are. (which we are, to a fault).

That innocent child is there to remind Loudmouth
that the ones really being hurt by his insane giveaway doctrines -- are the innocent children, already burdened with a close to $11 TRILLION Federal Debt and about to taste the bitter fruits of yet another sure-to-fail policy -- President Obama's plan to spend another $2 TRILLION to 'jump start' and 'grow' our dying economy.

Throwing money at a dying economy will NOT work.
I lived the Depression of the 1930s and assure you that the New Deal did NOT cure the Depression.

It got really bad in 1933. When I was married in 1939 I was earning $24 a week, my wife $10 -- both of us lucky to be working when 25% of the working population was out of work.

What got us of the Depression was World War II.
The 1950s gave us the most prosperous times in our history because Japan and all of Europe were in a shambles and our factories were the only ones turning out products for the world market.

Since Nixon and Republican and Democrats in Congress tricked us into the Global Economy with phony promises of great jobs for Americans --- those lies have greased the plank down which our entire economy is heading for the sewer.

I predicted today's layoffs, foreclosures, assorted miseries years ago. Few listened. A few dubbed me "Mr. Doom and Gloom".
So, here, my last prediction "Funny Money" (not backed by gold) will create "jobs" -- along with hyper-inflation which will raise the cost of everything.

Obama will create mostly SERVICE JOBS (infrastructure, health care, pretty parks, police, other community SERVICES (which COST $$ and produce no E-X-P-O-R-T products.

AGAIN ---- only PRODUCTIVE JOBS that produce products for domestic sale and for EXPORT -- will bring in REAL money to fill our empty Treasury.
Unless you can get our factories back from overseas, we will shrink steadily to Third World standard of living.

So, President Obama -- unless you are willing to make the
CHANGE from "free" trade to "fair" trade, by dismantling those loss-loss "most favored nation" trade treaties, (including Commerce Secretary Judge Gregg's who "loves" N.A.F.T.A. and C.A.F.T.A. (both failures for U.S. -- you will FAIL,-- and leave that cute baby asking a sensible question: "What right do you (we) have to BURY him in debt he nor following generations can ever hope to clear off our mis-managed books?

And a JOB?. . . . a PRODUCTIVE JOB?..


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