Wednesday, February 04, 2009


It Will Not Be The CHANGE You Expected!

By Leon Fisher

When the euphoria over the election of Barack Obama wears off, and the uncertainty of a rapidly deteriorating economy and the revulsion of the continuing bloodletting in the Mid-east begin to once again penetrate the thick skulls of the naive and gullible fools who were taken in by the mass media election hype wake up, they will find to their disappointment the same corrupt and incompetent government in Washington whose irresponsible policies have brought America to the edge of the abyss.

Obama, despite all his rhetoric of change and hope, has no intention of carrying out the will of the people, nor does he have the power to do so.

Contrary to the propaganda of the mass media, and the adoration of his mindless devotees, Obama has not come from the wilderness to lead the chosen ones out of the ever deepening morass of war and economic chaos to some utopian paradise, but will dutifully follow in the footsteps of those Presidents which preceded him, continuing to support the interests
of the greedy Globalist Capitalist class who hold the real power in America. Obama's actions thus far has reinforced the suspicions of many that he is going to be just another empty barrel echoing the same loud noises we have all heard so many times before.

Only the noise coming from this empty barrel sounds so much more convincing in comparison to the almost illiterate former President GW Bush.Obama can speak clearly and eloquently, and his youth suggests a new beginning seductive to the thinking of the average empty headed American voter more concerned with image than substance. This modern day snake oil salesman is just what the bankrupt political system needed to regain the credibility which it has lost in the eyes of the people. With polls taken in recent months showing the approval ratings of both President and Congress falling to their lowest levels in recent history, a public relations campaign centered around a candidate like Obama was inevitable.

With the help of the politically embedded mass media, and the support of egotistical high profile hypocrites in the entertainment industry, have succeeded once again in hoodwinking a significant portion of the public into supporting the status quo. A hint of what is in store for the American people can be gleaned from the comments of the new nominee for Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, a Wall St. insider and admitted tax evader who advocates giving trillions more of taxpayer dollars to his former Wall St. associates while scaling back entitlement programs such as Social Security to help pay for it all. It is apparent that Geithner's remarks, and those of former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, who advocates that white males should be excluded from any taxpayer funded construction projects, is part and parcel of the tactics of the ruling capitalist class of attacking social programs as wasteful and race baiting to divide and conquer. Judging from the men and women who make up Obama's Cabinet it is reasonable to assume that Obama's support for Wall St. and the war against the American worker begun by corporate hack and grade B actor Ronald Reagan, will continue.

While Obama promised to withdraw American troops from Iraq by 2010, many of these troops will not be coming home at all but redeployed to Afghanistan in an attempt to salvage a war which many consider already lost. In fact, only hours after taking office Obama approved air strikes into Pakistan, and in so doing wasted no time in establishing himself as the new warmonger in chief. His actions so far will no doubt be a disappointment to anti war activists who supported Obama and the Democrats during the election, as well as risking a further expansion of the war into Pakistan. However, those Americans against the war who voted for Obama should have known better, having already been burned voting in a Democratic Congress in 2006, and whose promises were never kept. If the actions of the new President are a let down to the anti war crowd, Obama's economic stimulus package will be nothing less than a total disaster for working Americans, whose support helped win the election.

With the details of the Obama economic stimulus package being made public, it is being viewed by its critics as nothing more than another wasteful Washington spending bill filled with the usual pork, with hundreds of billions more going to the same banks and corporate crooks who gave themselves millions in bonuses, corporate jets, buyouts, vacations, and remodeled offices with taxpayer dollars from the first bailout which the Jr Senator from Illinois we recall, interrupted his election campaign to rush back to Washington to vote for despite overwhelming public opinion against. Not even a month has gone by since Obama has taken office than it is becoming painfully obvious that the new President and his Administration will be nothing more than the toadies and lackeys of the same powerful lobbies and special interests whose cash has bought and sold successive governments in Washington for decades resulting in Americas declining fortunes, and whose fall draws near.

Leon Fisher

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