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Sharon's Business Ties To Traitor Tennenboim

(Originally published by JTF.ORG on March 10, 2004)
The bloated, corrupt, treasonous Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel
(He released 500 murderous Arab Muslim terrorists to save a family friend and business partner - and lied about it afterward)

Israeli traitor Elchanan Tennenboim (l.) worked with Hezballah terrorists like Sheik Nasrallah (r.) to smuggle drugs into Israel, to pass vital Israeli military secrets to Muslim terrorist Iran and, by staging his own "kidnapping," to free 500 Arab Muslim terrorists held prisoner in Israel

In the latest scandal to rock the corrupt regime of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, it was revealed last week that Sharon and his family have had extensive business ties to the traitor Elchanan Tennenboim.

Tennenboim pretended - in cooperation with the Hezballah Muslim terrorists - to be kidnapped. As a result of his fake kidnapping, the Sharon coalition government ordered the release of 500 Muslim terrorist mass murderers from Israeli prisons in order to get Tennenboim freed from his Hezballah "captors."

Tennenboim is a compulsive gambler who had $500,000 in debts owed to Austrian Nazi casinos. The Hezballah terrorists promised to pay his gambling debts if he would agree to stage a fake kidnapping so that he could be used as a bargaining chip to secure the release of hundreds of Muslim Nazi terrorists being held in Israeli prisons.

Israeli medical rescue and recovery workers remember some of the hundreds of innocent Jewish men, women and children slaughtered by Arab Muslim terrorists

As a former top Israeli military officer, Tennenboim also obtained vital Israeli military and intelligence secrets which he gave to the Hezballah terrorists as part of the deal to pay off his gambling debts. Hezballah immediately passed on the vital Israeli military and intelligence secrets to Muslim terrorist Iran and Muslim terrorist Syria - both of whom openly arm, finance, train and control the Hezballah terrorist organization.

Initially, Tennenboim approached Hezballah terrorists in Europe offering to assist them in smuggling narcotics into Israel. Tennenboim has admitted that he traveled to Muslim Nazi Abu Dhabi to assist Arab drug dealers in smuggling, selling and distributing narcotics in the Holy Land.

While he campaigned for the release of Israeli traitor Elchanan Tennenboim (l.), Ariel Sharon never revealed his close business ties with Tennenboim's father-in-law, Shimon Cohen (r.)

However, last week's bombshell revelation about the close and extensive business ties between the Sharon and Tennenboim families stunned the Jews of Israel.

When Sharon frantically pushed the Israeli Cabinet to approve the release of 500 Muslim Nazi terrorist mass murderers in order to free one self-hating Jewish traitor - Tennenboim - the Prime Minister never revealed to his Cabinet Ministers his business and financial connections to Tennenboim.

Sharon cynically used the Israeli public's sympathy for three murdered Jewish soldiers to free his traitor friend Elchanan Tennenboim (The soldiers, captured in October 2000, were murdered by Hezballah Muslim terrorists; Sharon claimed that he was advocating the one-sided hostage exchange to bring home the soldiers' remains)

Sharon had a longtime business relationship with Tennenboim's father-in-law Shimon Cohen. On Israeli television last week, Sharon insisted that his relationship with Cohen ended 30 years ago. Yet legal documents uncovered by Globes, an Israeli financial newspaper, show that Sharon's close business ties to Cohen continued at least until 1992 - only 12 years ago.

Sharon (l.) "never knew" of the business relationship between his sleazy son Gilad (r.) and Israeli traitor Elchanan Tennenboim

Furthermore, Sharon's sleazy son Gilad has been deeply involved with far more recent real estate deals in which Gilad's business partner has been none other than Elchanan Tennenboim himself.

Ariel Sharon told Israeli television viewers last week that neither he nor his family ever knew or ever met Tennenboim. After it was revealed the next day that Tennenboim was Gilad Sharon's real estate business partner, Ariel Sharon claimed that he was completely unaware of his son's business connections and transactions.

Ariel Sharon's greedy, thieving family

Sharon's sleazy son Gilad (l.) was shadily paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by corrupt Israeli businessman David Appel (c.) to work a few hours on the Internet downloading Greek tourism web pages in furtherance of a real estate development deal (r.) which never came to fruition but which was always intended to provide Appel with a pretext to bribe Sharon through his son.

Ariel Sharon's greedy, thieving family
(Sharon's elder son Omri was involved in the grossly illegal financing of his father's January 2003 Knesset campaign)

Most Israeli Jews rejected JTF's criticisms of Ariel Sharon and his regime as evil to the core (Unlike Baruch Marzel, Noam Federman and the Hilltop Youth, Israel's corrupt "right-wing" political parties remain a part of the Sharon coalition government despite its bloody treason and blatant corruption)

The Tennenboim scandal is just the latest in a string of corruption outrages that have involved Sharon and his greedy, thieving family.

When Baruch Marzel, Noam Federman, the Hilltop Youth, JTF and other right-wing Jewish dissidents warned that Sharon and his regime are treasonous, corrupt and evil to the core, most Israeli Jews rejected our criticisms as grossly exaggerated.

Not any more.

Israeli Jews are learning that once again, we were right from the start.

The media and police swarm Ariel Sharon
(His spokesman Rachanan Gissin (r.) assured Sharon's followers that their treasonous leader works best "under fire")

The latest polls show 66% of Israelis no longer have confidence in Sharon's honesty. As a result, 53% of Israelis now believe that Sharon must resign immediately.

One thousand Muslim Nazi Arab teenagers, recruited into the ranks of the Hezballah Muslim terrorists, give the Nazi salute in Lebanon (December 2001)

Our readers will recall that JTF predicted - well before the Tennenboim scandal - that Sharon would be removed from office by G-d as punishment for his evil plan to uproot heroic Jewish communities in order to create an independent PLO terrorist state in the G-d-given Biblical lands of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza District. Readers can refer to our article, JTF Predicts: G-d Will Remove Sharon From Power, from our January 21, 2004 web site, in which we predicted that Sharon would be forced out of office at a time when everyone was saying that he would be able to survive politically as Prime Minister. We noted in the article that every Prime Minister in Israel's history who has surrendered - or even attempted to surrender - any part of the eternally sacred Land of Israel has in the end been pushed out of office by HaShem (G-d).

"I will bless them who bless you and curse them who curse you" (February 2004) (Japanese Christians march in Jerusalem to demonstrate their support of Israel)

While Sharon has not yet been forced to resign - as of the time when this article is being written - we again predict that he will indeed have to leave office in disgrace.

Readers take note! Only JTF brings you the real truth every week about what took place in the past, about what is taking place now, and about what will take place in the future.

Just as G-d curses evil people like Sharon who violate His Torah commandments and betray His Holy Land of Israel, G-d blesses Jews and righteous Gentiles who assist His Zionist enterprise by supporting Baruch Marzel, the right-wing Chayil (Valor) Party and the noble Hilltop Youth.

JTF is the group that proudly raises money for Baruch Marzel and the Hilltop Youth.

JTF is the group to support in order to receive G-d's precious and bountiful blessings.

Which is why we strongly urge our many loyal readers - both Jews and righteous Gentiles - to immediately do the following four things:

First, if you are a wealthy Jew or a wealthy righteous Gentile, and you have wealthy friends and associates, you can hold a fundraising cocktail party for JTF. Even if you are not wealthy - but have wealthy friends and associates - you can organize a cocktail party. If you wish to hold a cocktail party, please contact JTF.

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Fourth, please remember to include the "Jewish Task Force (JTF)" in your will.

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