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"He Who Is Merciful To The Cruel"

(Originally published by JTF.ORG on March 3, 2004)
Israel releases unrepentant Muslim terrorist mass murderers

"He who is merciful to the cruel, in the end will be cruel to the merciful," the rabbis teach us in the Talmud. (The Talmud is a vast compilation of Jewish oral law as well as rabbinic commentary on the Bible.)

Israeli Jewish traitor
Elchanan Tennenboim

Authentic Torah Judaism considers it to be an immutable law of history: someone who is kind to the evil, will inevitably be evil to the kind.

Hezballah terrorist leader Sheik Hasan Nasrallah greets Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Muslim dictator of terrorist Iran (Khamenei has been called the "world's most dangerous terrorist")

For example, take the case of Elchanan Tennenboim.

We were told that Tennenboim was a retired Israeli military officer who was lured to Beirut, Lebanon by the Hezballah Muslim terrorists. Tennenboim wanted to make a "business deal" with the Muslim terrorists, we are told, but he was abducted upon his arrival in Lebanon.

During Tennenboim's three years of captivity, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told us that he was brutally tortured by his Hezballah captors. Sharon told us that his health had deteriorated and that he was near death, and that Hezballah had ripped his teeth out of his mouth as part of their torture.

An elderly "enemy of the Muslim state" is led off at gunpoint for execution by the Hezballah terrorists

Sharon said that we had to rescue our fellow Jew Tennenboim even if we disapprove of his willingness to make a "business deal" with the Hezballah mass murderers.

So Sharon got his coalition government to approve the release of 500 Muslim terrorists held in Israeli prisons in exchange for one self-hating Jew, Elchanan Tennenboim.

JTF warned that this deal would be a disaster. Click here for the earlier JTF.ORG article, Israel Releases Over 500 Muslim Terrorist Mass Murderers.

Israel released hundreds of Hezballah Muslim terrorist mass murderers (l.) on the very day (January 29, 2004) that a Jerusalem Muslim suicide bus bombing murdered 11 and wounded 50, many critically, yards from Ariel Sharon's official residence

JTF noted that prior releases of Arab terrorists led directly to the murder of hundreds of innocent Jewish men, women and children. After their release, the Arab terrorists carried out dozens of new attacks on Israeli buses, restaurants, pizza parlors, cafes and shopping centers.

JTF also warned that Tennenboim was a vile Jewish traitor who deserved the ultimate punishment, and that no effort should be made to free him.

But as usual, the warnings of JTF and our Hilltop Youth allies in Israel were ignored.

Arabs march in Gaza praising Hezballah terrorist mass murderer Hasan Nasrallah and PLO terrorist mass murderer Yasser Arafat (January 2004)

After 500 Muslim terrorist mass murderers were released - waving "V" for victory signs and chanting "Death to America!" and "Death to Israel!" - Tennenboim was returned to Israel.

Despite the lies told to us by Sharon, the Shabak (the Israeli equivalent of the KGB) and the Bolshevik news media, Tennenboim's health had not deteriorated, and he had not been tortured.

Tennenboim was found to be in perfect health, with all of his teeth - as noted earlier, Sharon claimed that Hezballah ripped his teeth out of his mouth - and it was clear that he had suffered no torture whatsoever.

Since Muslim terrorists always torture their captives, obviously something was wrong here.

We now learn that Tennenboim was not abducted. He faked the kidnapping in cooperation with the Hezballah terrorists.

Tennenboim is a compulsive gambler who has massive debts. He approached Hezballah terrorists in Europe, offering to assist them in smuggling narcotics into Israel if they would pay off his debts.

Tennenboim also gave the Muslim terrorists vital Israeli military secrets, which Hezballah promptly passed on to their sponsors in Muslim terrorist Iran and Muslim terrorist Syria.

Grown and baby Hezballah Muslim terrorists

Hezballah then arranged with Tennenboim his fake kidnapping in order to use him as a bargaining chip to release hundreds of Muslim mass murderers from Israeli prisons.

Now that all of this has been widely reported in Israel, will Sharon, Shabak, the Israeli military and the Bolshevik news media admit that the deal they supported is a disaster? Of course not!

Will the political parties in Sharon's coalition government - the Likud, Shinui, HaIchud HaLeumi (The National Union) and HaMafdal (The National Religious Party) - admit that they have been part of an evil regime that has brought one catastrophe after another on the heads of the Jewish people? Of course not!

The Hezballah terrorist gang finds safe haven and state support in Muslim Nazi Syria (December 2003) (Muslim terrorist gangs like Hezballah and Islamic Jihad have offices in Damascus, enjoy the protection and funding of Muslim terrorist dictator Bashar Assad (l.) and are armed and trained by the Syrian Nazi army)

If anything, Israel's traitorous leadership is trying to cover its tracks by perpetrating even more treasonous and evil deeds.

For instance, Tennenboim is being offered full immunity from criminal prosecution if he "cooperates" with the Shabak and the police.

Cooperates?! What good will that do after Tennenboim already gave Hezballah, Iran and Syria some of Israel's most important military secrets? After his fake kidnapping led to the horrific release of 500 Muslim terrorist mass murderers?

Someone who committed this type of ultimate treason receives full immunity from criminal prosecution?

Hezballah Muslim terrorist leader Nasrallah with his black, Jew-hating supporter, UN head Kofi Annan


Because the Shabak and the Israeli military want to cover up their own criminal behavior in this case. The Shabak and the Israeli military shared with Tennenboim top military and intelligence secrets even though they knew that he was a compulsive gambler, that he had piled up massive debts in Austrian Nazi casinos and that he was supposedly under treatment for his compulsion in Gamblers Anonymous.

The United Nations works with the Muslim terrorist gang Hezballah in Lebanon (A UN armored personnel carrier is seen driving under a roadside sign praising Nasrallah, the head of Hezballah, and Muslim terrorists firing rockets into Israel; the Arabic reads: "At your orders!")

Yet the Shabak and the Israeli military trusted Tennenboim, and gave him top secret military and intelligence information when he requested it. The Shabak and the Israeli military saw nothing wrong or treasonous in someone who compulsively gambles in Austrian Nazi casinos because they themselves are amoral, self-hating Jews who visit Jew-hating countries as tourists, buy products from Jew-hating companies and even negotiate with Muslim Nazi Jew-killers.

When the Shabak and the Israeli military saw Tennenboim, they saw themselves. And so, of course, they shared top secret military and intelligence information with this former Israeli military officer.

In fact, when Sharon saw Tennenboim, he also saw himself. Sharon's son Omri has made business deals with Austrian Nazi casino owners, and even with the PLO terrorist mass murderers who own the casino in Jericho. Indeed, Sharon's chief of staff, Dov Veisglass, is the attorney for the Arab Hitler Yasser Arafat's Jericho casino.

The only solution is for Israel to have the type of moral, G-d-fearing, Torah-true Jews who will turn the Jewish homeland into what she was destined to be: "a light unto the nations," "a holy nation" and "the apple of My eye."

JTF is raising funds for Baruch Marzel and his new Chayil (Valor) Party, and for the heroic Hilltop Youth. If they win representation in the next Israeli Knesset (Parliament) elections, the Jewish people will finally be exposed to truth, justice, faith, hope, honor and righteousness.

Eitan Kukoi, 30, and his wife Rima Novikov, 27, were murdered by Arab terrorists near Judea and Samaria (February 27, 2004) (The murdered couple is survived by their two-year-old daughter, Michelle)

Then and only then will we have an Israeli Government that is no longer merciful to the cruel, and cruel to the merciful.

Which is why we strongly urge our many loyal readers - both Jews and righteous Gentiles - to immediately do the following four things:

First, if you are a wealthy Jew or a wealthy righteous Gentile, and you have wealthy friends and associates, you can hold a fundraising cocktail party for JTF. Even if you are not wealthy - but have wealthy friends and associates - you can organize a cocktail party. If you wish to hold a cocktail party, please contact JTF.

Second, make out a generous check or money order (which can be anonymous) to "JTF" and send it out right away. If you prefer, you can mail a cash donation.

Third, zealously spread the word about the JTF.ORG web site. Posting portions of JTF.ORG on popular internet message boards is especially effective. We do get many new hits when we are posted.

Fourth, please remember to include the "Jewish Task Force (JTF)" in your will.

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