Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Enough Crocodile Tears

by Yehudit Tayar

They will not help us survive in Israel today.

Everyone, it seems, commiserates and feels sad for a dead Jew. Each media-covered visit of a foreign official to Yad Vashem portrays the sad reaction of the visitor to the well-planned and premeditated murder of our people.

What is missing is the official response that never again must the Jewish people be
Never again must the Jewish people be hunted down and murdered.
hunted down and murdered anywhere in the world simply because they are Jews.

Ironically, just the opposite is the reality. US President George Bush supports the implementation of a "Palestinian state" run by the very murderers who, since the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993, and despite United States guarantees, have continued to refuse to implement the very basics of each agreement signed then and after. The only response we heard from President Bush is that the "outposts must be removed" and "Israel must return to the 1967 borders."

Perhaps, if President Bush would have had someone next to him to explain the map of Israel, and the historical, symbolic and strategic importance of these critical areas - Jerusalem, Hevron, Bethlehem, Judea, and Samaria – then he would have been made to understand, finally, the basic inherent rights of a free Jewish people in our land.

Perhaps, if there were a government of Israel that took responsibility for the welfare and future of the Jewish people in Israel, we would hear the voices of truth from the President of the United States, the country that is supposed to be the most loyal friend of Israel in the world.

What we hear instead are Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak, Ehud Olmert, Chaim Ramon, Tzipi Livni and all the rest of this criminal, impotent government continuing with the charade of a possible partnership with those who have in the past, and continue today, to perpetrate and plan the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people. Continuing to meet with those who have used guns, weapons and public relations to try to destroy us and our existence in our country, the government of Israel is also responsible for each and every life that has been lost since the signing of the unfortunate, pathetic Oslo agreements.

Under normal circumstances, each and every one who is responsible for the misery and murder of our people since the implementation of Oslo would, first of all, be forced to leave public office and then, tried for crimes against the nation. We, however, live in a society that has courts and police that protect the governmental figures, and ignore the safety and welfare of the citizens that it has a mandate to protect.

Our way to protest will be in the continued building of our land, the continued attempt to ensure the survival of the Jewish people in Israel and for the Jews throughout the world. This, we must continue.

Our way to protest will be in the continued building of our land.

The Land of Israel is "very, very good," as it says in the Bible, but the governments of Israel are transient, weak, criminal and irresponsible. We must put our faith in G-d and try to do, as Jewish citizens of Israel, whatever we can to ensure the survival of our people. And we must do so while ignoring the crocodile tears of the world when they survey the documentation of their own indifference to the slaughter of our people during the Holocaust. These crocodile tears will not help us to survive today and ensure that there will be a Jewish tomorrow in the Land and State of Israel.

It is up to us to continue determinedly to build our communities, to walk every meter of our beloved Land, and to force the government of Israel to protect the interests and future of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. May G-d protect us and guide us.
8 Shevat 5768 / 15 January 08


No Jews for Oil

By Ben Shapiro
Wednesday, January 16, 2008

On January 11, President Bush ended his visit to Israel by visiting Yad Vashem, the country's monumental Holocaust memorial. "I wish as many people as possible would come to this place," Bush said. "It is a sobering reminder that evil exists and a call that when evil exists we must resist it."

That was the day after Bush called for "painful political concessions" from Israel with regard to the Palestinian Arabs, explaining, "There should be an end to the occupation that began in 1967. The agreement must establish a Palestine as a homeland for the Palestinian people just as Israel is a homeland for the Jewish people."

U.S. President George W. Bush smiles with Saudi King Abduallah (R) as some of the King's finest horses are paraded before him during his visit to Al Janadriyah Farm in Al Janadriyah , Saudi Arabia January 15, 2008. The farm is the King Abdullah's personal country and weekend retreat. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque (SAUDI ARABIA)

Bush is no fool. He recognizes better than any president in recent memory that the Palestinian Arabs do not desire peace -- that they are, in fact, the world's most ardent supporters of anti-Western terrorism. And Bush recognizes that the establishment of a fully operational terrorist state in Judea, Samaria and Gaza would have catastrophic consequences for both Israel and the United States.

So why did Bush abandon his principles and pressure Israel to appease its Islamist enemies? Because four days after Bush's Israel visit, he visited Saudi Arabia and asked OPEC nations to boost their oil output.

The extreme anti-Bush crowd thinks the war in Iraq is about oil. It isn't. But the consistent focus on the Israeli-Palestinian situation is about oil. It has always been about oil. Israel knows it. Bush knows it. And most of all, the Saudis and their Islamist allies know it.

The Saudis have the upper hand with regard to oil. America needs Arab oil more than the Arabs need to sell their oil -- or at least that is what the Arabs would have us believe. And so the Arabs have leverage to push America to force Israel's piecemeal surrender.

And so the Saudis spent a major chunk of time talking to President Bush about how he could put the screws to Israel. "They definitely want [a settlement] to happen," Bush told reporters. "And they questioned the seriousness of the United States to remain in what has been a long and frustrating process. They want to see a deal done. The issue frustrates them."

The Israeli-Palestinian issue frustrates the Saudis in the same way the Jewish issue frustrated the Nazis. The Saudi Arabian government does not even recognize the existence of the State of Israel. Including the Saudis in negotiations regarding Israel is like including Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in negotiations regarding the rights of homosexuals in Iran.

And yet President Bush avers that past peace processes have failed because "there wasn't participation by the neighbors." This is the equivalent of stating that the post-marital Simpson relationship was poor because O.J. was too passive.

The destruction of Israel is only one item on the Saudi shopping list. They also desire looser visa restrictions for their citizens -- a return to the sort of laxity that made September 11 possible. And they want smart bomb technology, which would elevate their military capabilities dramatically.

The Saudis remain one of the world's three foremost sponsors of Islamic terrorism, along with Pakistan and Iran. They demand Israel as ransom for their energy resources. And because of America's failure to secure domestic oil production and/or create alternative energy resources, America must kowtow to radicals in robes.

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