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U.S. Foreign Aid Endangers Israel's Survival

(Originally published by JTF.ORG on May 12, 2004)
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One of the greatest myths of our time has been that the State of Israel cannot survive without U.S. foreign aid. In reality, U.S. foreign aid is one of the greatest threats to Israel's very survival.

Israel receives $2.7 billion a year in military and economic aid from the United States. That represents only 3% of Israel's national annual budget. The claim that the Jewish State could not survive the loss of 3% of her budget is preposterous.

Moreover, U.S. foreign aid severely harms Israel in four different areas - economic, military, psychological and moral:

Arabs in the Gaza District burned an American flag in support of Iraq's Muslim terrorists (April 2004) (The Arabs called Americans "war criminals" and called for a "new intifada," a new uprising, in Iraq)

(1) - The economic harm.

A healthy economy cannot be built on handouts and charity. Giving welfare to a welfare recipient or giving drugs to a drug addict only hurts the individual. By creating dependence, the recipient loses his ability to be productive or useful.

What is true for individuals is also true for nations and societies.

Jews and Christians bring an object lesson in Muslim terrorism to Washington (May 6, 2004) (ZAKA, the organization of orthodox Jewish Israeli medics - regularly present at scenes of Muslim terrorist carnage in Israel - and Christians for Israel demonstrated near the White House with object lessons of Islamic terrorism: a banner depicting 900 slaughtered Jewish victims, and the bus destroyed by an Islamic suicide bomber on January 29, 2004, murdering 11 and wounding 50)

If all U.S. foreign aid to Israel was cut off immediately, it would force the Jewish Sate to move more quickly away from the current socialist, government-controlled Israeli economy that is strangling Jewish talent, creativity and brainpower, toward a free market economy that would turn little Israel into a technological, scientific and economic powerhouse. Without U.S. subsidies, Israel would be forced to sell off and privatize her government-owned industries and companies, thereby unleashing a new era of private ownership and healthy free market competition.

(2) - The military harm.

Under U.S. law, Israel is not permitted to use her U.S. military aid to create and develop Israeli weapons. All of the military aid must be used to purchase weapons from U.S. arms manufacturers - who are in reality multinational corporations that happen to be headquartered in America. By forcing Israel to purchase her major weapons systems from the United States, this military "aid" cripples Israel's own advanced military industry.

If Israel were to develop her own weapons, by herself, it would save the Jewish State many billions of dollars. Furthermore, Israel currently cannot sell weapons that she develops without U.S. permission - which Washington usually refuses to give.

A "peaceful" Muslim Nazi mosque in Gaza (May 4, 2004)

If Israel did not receive U.S. military aid and became militarily self-sufficient, the Jewish State would earn billions of dollars a year through international arms sales. There is little doubt that G-d-given Jewish brainpower would produce extremely effective, reliable and sophisticated weapons systems that would make little Israel much stronger and much more prosperous.

(3) - The psychological harm.

Left-wing Prime Minister Ariel Sharon - like all of his pathetic predecessors - has convinced Israeli Jews that Israel must do whatever America tells her to do. Israel cannot kill the Arab Hitler Yasser Arafat or destroy the Muslim terrorists because it will upset Washington. So over 1,500 innocent Israeli Jewish men, women and children had to be brutally murdered because eliminating the Islamic Nazi butchers would have made George W. (Wahabi) Bush angry.

Within sight of a Jewish pioneering community in Yesha, Arab Muslims pray for the annihilation of the tiny Jewish homeland (April 2004)

Even though most Arabs in Yesha and in pre-1967 Israel would permanently leave the Jewish homeland if offered a lump sum payment, such a life-saving program would annoy Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice and the New York Nazi Times. So we have to permit the Arabs - with their huge birth rate - to become the majority of Israel's population, rather than take action that might imperil our precious U.S. foreign "aid."

Under the leadership of self-hating Jews like Sharon, Binyamin Netanyahu, the Likud Party, the Marxist Labor Party and the rest of Israel's Establishment, Israel is not an independent nation but a groveling, trembling, cowardly little puppet of the White House. Even as Muslim terrorist Iran is close to developing nuclear bombs which the Teheran ayatollahs have promised to use to exterminate tiny Israel, the Jewish State does not destroy the Iranian nuclear program because Bush would not be happy.

An ugly little Arab named Mohammed Taha, co-founder of the Islamic terrorist group Hamas, has been released from Israeli prison (May 5, 2004) (Meanwhile, heroic Jewish dissident Noam Federman remains in Israeli prison without having been accused of any crime)

On every front - economic, demographic, military, even nuclear - the insane Jews of Israel are literally committing national suicide out of fear that taking desperately needed action will mean an end to U.S. foreign aid. In the end, if there is another Holocaust, G-d forbid, it will be because the ghetto-minded Jews were so insanely devoted to pleasing Washington that they refused to take the elementary action necessary to protect their very existence.

(4) - The moral harm.

Mohammed Taha, co-founder of the Islamic terrorist group Hamas, recently released from Israeli prison, gets a hero's welcome from his fellow Arab Muslim Jew-haters (May 5, 2004)

G-d created the Jewish people to be "a light unto the nations," "a holy nation" and "a nation of priests."

When little Israel wins miraculous victories against all odds, such as the 1967 Six Day War, it proves to the world that there is a G-d and that His Biblical prophecies are being fulfilled. This is known as kiddush HaShem (sanctification of G-d's name). However, when faithless, arrogant and self-hating Jews say that Israel won the war not because of G-d but because of U.S. foreign aid - as transparently ridiculous as that assertion is - it is chillul HaShem (desecration of G-d's name).

Rather than giving G-d the credit that He deserves, these wimpy Jews desperately try to find "practical" reasons for tiny Israel's miraculous and breathtaking triumphs.

Support JTF and help us to continue being a thorn in the bloated side of Ariel Sharon

When Israel is all alone - without any foreign aid - the credit for her survival and her victory must go to G-d. Thus, all foreign aid to the Jewish State is a sin, an abomination and a chillul HaShem which automatically leads to Heavenly punishment of both America and Israel.

In 1967, America cut off all arms shipments to Israel and warned the Jewish State not to strike preemptively against the huge Arab armies on her borders. Israel defied U.S. and world pressure, struck preemptively and ferociously, and won the most astonishing military victory that the world has seen since Biblical times. In only six days, tiny Israel - outnumbered 50 to 1 by the Arabs - quadrupled in size after liberating the Sinai, the Golan Heights, Judea, Samaria, the Gaza District and Jerusalem. And Israel won this unbelievable victory when the whole world - including the U.S. - was against her. This was truly kiddush HaShem.

The liar Ariel Sharon and the rest of the treasonous Israeli elite have convinced Jews that American foreign aid is "essential" to Israel's survival (Having promised repeatedly to the Israeli public that he would abide by a Likud referendum on his insane plan to surrender Israel's liberated lands to the PLO terrorists, Sharon is still trying to go through with it, despite the overwhelming objection of his own party)

However, ever since 1967, Israel has caved in to U.S. pressure and has been shrinking and weakening with every additional concession.

In the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Israel did not strike preemptively because of pressure from the Nixon-Kissinger Administration. Israel was nearly destroyed because of that insane decision.

Furthermore, Israel did not decisively win the Yom Kippur War because she again caved in to Nixon-Kissinger pressure to accept a premature ceasefire just as the Israeli army had surrounded and was about to destroy the invading Egyptian army. By being "practical" and not defying U.S. pressure, Israel turned the Yom Kippur War into a disaster.

When Israeli leaders fear mere mortals in the White House rather than fear G-d, it is chillul HaShem and automatically brings down Heavenly punishment on both America and Israel. Only a complete end to all U.S. foreign aid to Israel, and true Israeli independence and self-sufficiency, will reverse the present faithless, cowardly, defeatist policies of national suicide.

The efforts of JTF and its allies in Israel were instrumental defeating the Sharon surrender referendum

In conclusion, continued U.S. foreign aid and submission to U.S. pressure will guarantee far more Arab terrorism and mass murder without a real Jewish response; the collapse of the U.S.-subsidized socialist Israeli economy; the Arabs becoming a majority of Israel's population; and an Iranian nuclear terrorist attack on the tiny Jewish homeland, G-d forbid.

Only an independent and self-sufficient Israel - like the Israel of the 1967 Six Day War - can do what must be done to save herself from certain catastrophe, whether the world likes it or not.

Only JTF and its allies in Israel - the Hilltop Youth and the Chayil (Valor) Party of Baruch Marzel - will make Israel truly self-sufficient.

A brave young Jewish pioneering father protects his daughter from Muslim terrorism (May 9, 2004) (Arab terrorists opened fire on a memorial service for the pregnant Jewish pioneering mother, Tali Chatuel, who was murdered with her four daughters while peaceably driving on a Yesha road)

Which is why we strongly urge our many loyal readers - both Jews and righteous Gentiles - to immediately do the following four things:

First, if you are a wealthy Jew or a wealthy righteous Gentile, and you have wealthy friends and associates, you can hold a fundraising cocktail party for JTF. Even if you are not wealthy - but have wealthy friends and associates - you can organize a cocktail party. If you wish to hold a cocktail party, please contact JTF.

Second, make out a generous check or money order (which can be anonymous) to "JTF" and send it out right away. If you prefer, you can mail a cash donation.

Third, zealously spread the word about the JTF.ORG web site. Posting portions of JTF.ORG on popular internet message boards is especially effective. We do get many new hits when we are posted.

Fourth, please remember to include the "Jewish Task Force (JTF)" in your will.

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