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The Miraculous Defeat
Of Sharon's Suicide Plan

(Originally published by JTF.ORG on May 5, 2004)
Left-wing Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon with his best friend Shimon Peres

Arab terrorists march in Israel with the minaret of a Muslim Nazi mosque in the background (April 2004)

Last month, left-wing Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon announced that he would submit his proposal for a suicidal Israeli retreat from the entire Gaza District and northern Samaria to a referendum vote by the 200,000 paid members of the ruling Likud Party.

After Sharon's joint press conference with President Bush at the White House several weeks ago, polls showed that Sharon's suicidal surrender plan would be approved by Likud voters by a wide margin.

The Bolshevik Israeli news media enthusiastically promoted the Sharon plan to unilaterally surrender the G-d-given Jewish Biblical lands of the Gaza District and northern Samaria to the PLO terrorists.

An Israeli honor guard fires its rifles in memorial to the soldiers of Israel fallen in her many wars against the Arab Muslim Nazi enemy (In the background stands the Dome of the Rock, the Muslim Nazi mosque which pollutes the holy Temple Mount and which symbolizes Islam's wish for Israel's annihilation)

Every major Likud Party Cabinet minister also endorsed the proposed Israeli retreat. Sharon won the support of Treasury Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Education Minister Limor Livnat and Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom - all of whom had previously opposed the insane surrender plan.

The Bolshevik news media in Israel and America spoke of Sharon's "certain victory." Both Sharon's spokesmen and news media commentators said that the only question now was by how much of a landslide margin would Sharon's proposal be approved.

According to the Bolshevik news media of Israel and America, the only question was how large the margin of Sharon's victory would be

An Arab woman mourns her terrorist brother, killed attacking the Jewish homeland

Even JTF did not expect the heroic Jewish pioneers in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza District (known collectively in Hebrew as "Yesha") to win the referendum. Our readers will recall how we spoke of the uphill battle that the Yesha Jews faced in trying to defeat the Bush-Sharon-news media onslaught.

However, despite the overwhelming odds against them, JTF's allies in Israel - the Yesha pioneers and the valiant Hilltop Youth - did not stop fighting for one second.

Arab terrorists and the boys who serve as their human shields, holding up a poster of the Arab Hitler Yasser Arafat

Sharon, the Likud Cabinet ministers and the other self-hating political prostitutes who run the State of Israel were armed with all the means of communication - through the mass media - at their disposal.

The Yesha pioneers and the heroic Hilltop Youth were armed only with their Torah-true faith and determination.

Thousands of Yesha Jews went door to door visiting the homes of almost all Likud Party members. The Yesha Jews - highly disciplined, well-educated and very persuasive - started convincing tens of thousands of Likud voters to oppose Sharon's evil plan.

If JTF and its allies were in power, Israeli jets would eliminate the Arab Hitler Yasser Arafat and his fellow Muslim terrorists at their Ramallah mass murder compound (Israeli helicopters put Arafat's fellow Arab terrorists Ahmed Yassin and Abdel Rantissi (l.) on the Allah Express)

Suddenly, two weeks before the vote, polls showed the anti-Sharon forces gaining ground among Likud voters. Sharon's supporters were still winning, but the opponents of national suicide were catching up.

Then a week before the vote, polls showed the two sides in a virtual tie.

Ariel Sharon preaches suicidal surrender at the podium of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament), polluting the menorah and wreath which symbolize Israel's triumphs over her many enemies

Finally, polls taken two or three days before the vote showed the anti-Sharon forces with a slight lead.

Sharon and the Bolshevik news media desperately tried to stop the growing strength of the anti-Sharon forces.

Sharon was interviewed extensively on every major Israeli television and radio station, and in every major Israeli newspaper, for several days in a row leading up to the vote.

Flags draped with black ribbons mark the graves of Israeli soldiers killed fighting to liberate Jerusalem's Old City during the 1967 Six Day War (In the background stands the Muslim abomination known as the Dome of the Rock, the symbol of Islam's wish for Israel's annihilation)

The Sharon interviews - and the pro-Sharon propaganda - were the lead stories throughout the Israeli news media for a whole week before the referendum.

Sharon viciously smeared opponents of his cowardly surrender plan as the "extreme right-wing" who are handing "a victory to Arafat and Hamas" by not supporting unilateral Israeli territorial retreats.

Sharon warned that the Israeli economy would suffer disastrous consequences if Israel did not surrender. He never explained - and was never asked by his Bolshevik interviewers - how Israel's economy could possibly benefit from a plan that would cost many billions of dollars and thereby drastically increase Israel's already large budget deficits.

After the astonishing Likud election referendum landslide, heroic Jewish pioneers celebrated their victory by laying the cornerstone for a new pioneering community in the Gaza District (May 3, 2004)

Despite the frantic efforts of Sharon, the Likud Party establishment and the Bolshevik news media, polls taken on the day before the referendum still showed the anti-Sharon forces with a slight lead.

The polls were wrong. The anti-Sharon forces did not win by a slight margin. They won by a landslide.

The astonishing final vote total: For the Sharon surrender plan - 40%; Against the Sharon surrender plan - 60%.

However, the great joy that would ordinarily have accompanied such a miraculous triumph had to be tempered with a deep sense of horror and sorrow over a bestial PLO-Fatah terrorist attack that took place on the day of the vote.

Israel's Torah-true Yesha pioneers make up the most devoted and capable portion of her armed forces (An Israeli soldier prays in the traditional manner beside his tank)

Tali Chatuel, a beautiful 34-year-old Jewish pioneer who lived in the Gaza District, was murdered by PLO Nazi butchers along with her four little daughters: Hila, 11; Hadar, 9; Roni, 7; and Merav, 2. Tali was in her eighth month of pregnancy when she was murdered.

Tali and her daughters were on their way to campaign against Sharon's treasonous plan to expel them from their G-d-given homes.

The butchers of Tali and her little daughters are the Arab Muslim Nazi serpents to whom Sharon wants to give the Gaza District and northern Samaria. This insane retreat would be just the first step in the Bush-Sharon "road map" to creating an independent PLO terrorist state in Yesha, G-d forbid.

A Jewish mother and her four daughters were slaughtered on their way to campaign against Sharon's suicide plan
(The back of the car (c.) was spattered with the children's blood)
Innocent Jewish victims of Arab terrorist carnage

Beautiful Tali Chatuel, 34, and her four little daughters - Hila, 11; Hadar, 9; Roni, 7; and Merav, 2 - were slaughtered by PLO Nazi butchers called "gunmen" by the Bolshevik news media. Tali was eight months pregnant. The Muslim Nazi terrorists finished off their defenseless victims by firing volleys into them at close range through the windows of their car.

A family photograph of the Chatuel family and the grieving father, David, at the tragic funeral
Tali's father-in-law grieved over her body while the Fatah Muslim terrorists who plotted her death celebrated the news

JTF thanks HaShem (G-d) for enabling us to provide a substantial portion of the funds that were used to defeat the Sharon suicide plan.

However, the battle has just begun. Sharon the liar publicly promised to abide by the results of the referendum. Yet he is now trying to ignore the results of the referendum - which he himself initiated, and which he himself said should be binding - in his frantic effort to curry favor with his fellow self-hating Jews in the Israeli Establishment by continuing to push for a suicidal Israeli retreat from Yesha.

Sharon votes for suicidal surrender to the Arab Muslim terrorists after calling his patriotic Jewish opponents "right-wing extremists"

If Sharon had won the referendum, we would be facing immediate Israeli surrender. After Sharon's overwhelming defeat, we still face the very real danger of the suicidal Sharon plan being pushed through anyway, but at least now, having proven our strength at the polls, we have a fighting chance of stopping it. Because of our victory, many Likud politicians will now fear opposing us on this life-or-death issue.

JTF and its Yesha allies have proven their effectiveness in the referendum.

We must all pull together, to the best of our ability, to defeat the Muslim hordes threatening Israel and America (Heroic Jewish pioneers at Hebron resisted the March 2004 ethnic cleansing of their communities)

We have proven that if you truly love little Israel, we are the group to support.

Which is why we strongly urge our many loyal readers - both Jews and righteous Gentiles - to immediately do the following four things:

First, if you are a wealthy Jew or a wealthy righteous Gentile, and you have wealthy friends and associates, you can hold a fundraising cocktail party for JTF. Even if you are not wealthy - but have wealthy friends and associates - you can organize a cocktail party. If you wish to hold a cocktail party, please contact JTF.

Second, make out a generous check or money order (which can be anonymous) to "JTF" and send it out right away. If you prefer, you can mail a cash donation.

Third, zealously spread the word about the JTF.ORG web site. Posting portions of JTF.ORG on popular internet message boards is especially effective. We do get many new hits when we are posted.

Fourth, please remember to include the "Jewish Task Force (JTF)" in your will.

G-d will bless you and your loved ones for supporting this sacred cause.

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