Thursday, September 15, 2005

Ashers Foot Dipped in OIL




Zion Oil & Gas is a private U.S.-based corporation formed under Delaware corporation law, exploring for oil and gas in Israel on licensed and permitted areas of approximately 223,00 acres located onshore between Tel Aviv and Haifa.

The license is on trend with oil production in Syria and a recent oil discovery in Israel as shown in the Oil & Gas Journal map on the right. We have drilled one well and intend to drill more high-risk oil and gas exploratory wells on the license.

In the event of a commercial discovery, following recoupment of certain exploratory costs, we intend to donate 6% of our gross revenues from the license to two charitable trusts to be established by us, one in Israel and one in the U.S.
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Ma'anit #1 Plugged Back to 4453 Meters (14,610 feet) and Six Zones Perforated for Production Testing.

August 12, 2005 - Zion's drilling contractor, Lapidoth Israel Oil Prospectors Corp., reached the total depth of 4,719 meters (15,482 feet) on July 14, 2005 in the re-entry and drilling of the Ma'anit #1 well, under the direction of Zion's executive vice-president Glen Perry and drilling manager Stacy Cude.

Since then the two lowest zones in the well were tested and found nonproductive. The well was plugged back to 4,453 meters (14,610 feet) and three zones of Anisian Age between 4,342 and 4,448 meters (14,245 and 14,593 feet) were swab tested through drill pipe with encouraging but inconclusive results.

A temporary plug was set in the casing above the Anisian and six different zones of Carnian Age between 3,828 and 4,028 meters (12,559 and 13,215 feet) were perforated for production testing.
Click here to see the latest information about our completion operations. Click here for an Israeli road map showing the location of the well.

Zion Oil Awarded 124,000 acre Asher Permit
August 9, 2005 - Zion was awarded the Asher Permit with Priority Rights, effective for an 18-month period commencing August 1, 2005. The Asher Permit, which was signed by the Minister on August 8, covers approximately 500,000 dunam (124,000 acres) and a two-stage work program has been proposed for this new addition.

The Minister has also signed the notice of addition of lands to the Ma'anit License, effective August 1, 2005. This addition is for 12,700 dunam (3,200 acres), which brings the total acreage in the Ma'anit License to 99,000 acres. Click the image to the right to view outlines of the new Asher Permit and additional lands. More information about the location, geology and work program for the Permit and License area are in our
Location & Geology Page.


Friday, September 02, 2005


Many More Hurricanes to Come

August 31, 2005 - By Ker Than LiveScience Staff Writer

The past 10 years have seen more ferocious and more frequent hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean and scientists are confident that there will be more to come. While some studies have suggested that global warming may be a contributing factor, many meteorologists instead believe that it is just part of a natural cycle.

The Atlantic hurricane season generally runs from the beginning of June to the end of November and produces approximately 10 named storms, approximately six of which turn into hurricanes.Yet early in August, the government greatly boosted their forecasts for hurricanes this season, predicting that we could be in store for 7 to 9 hurricanes before late November when the Atlantic hurricane season ends.

This is in addition to the seven hurricanes that have already occurred since the start of the season in June.Some studies have suggested that global warming may be causing increases in hurricane intensity and frequency, but many scientists are skeptical.“All signs that I’ve seen show that it’s related to natural variability,” said Eric Blake, a meteorologist at the National Hurricane Center (NHC). “There could be some impact of global warming, but its role is probably a secondary or tertiary role.”

Chris Landsea, a meteorologist at the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory (AOML), agrees and doesn’t believe there is currently enough science to back up the claim.While many computer models predict that global warming will increase over the next century, the models disagree about what its effect on hurricane frequency will be.“It’s been a mixed bag,”

Landsea told LiveScience. “Some models suggest there will be more hurricanes, some less, and others suggest that it will depend on the area.”Contrasting an earlier study, Landsea predicts that even if global warming were to increase over the next 100 years, its effects on hurricane intensity will be minor, resulting in perhaps a 5% increase in rainfall and winds.Instead of being due to global warming, Landsea believes that the current increase in hurricane activity is part of a natural cycle that scientists call the Atlantic multi-decadal mode.

Every 20 to 40 years, Atlantic Ocean and atmospheric conditions conspire to produce just the right conditions to cause increased storm and hurricane activity.The Atlantic Ocean is currently going through an active period of hurricane activity that began in 1995 and that has continued to the present. Scientists consider the period prior to that—the years from 1971 to 1994—to be a quiet period of low hurricane activity.

“Coring work in the Central Atlantic show that such cycles have been occurring for centuries if not more than a thousand years,” Landsea said.So while it is true that hurricanes are getting stronger and appearing at greater frequencies over the past few decades, it’s only to be expected, Landsea said.Stan Goldenberg, a meteorologist also from AOML, gave a simple analogy:

“It’s like if you’re sitting in New York, and in July it hits 95 degrees, and you say ‘My goodness, back only 6 months ago we were 5 below zero, this is clearly a trend, this must be global warming!’”Goldenberg pointed out that the current active hurricane period is very similar in both frequency and intensity to the previous active period, which lasted from the late 1920’s to 1970.

Another factor that may be contributing to the illusion that hurricanes are becoming fiercer and appearing more frequently is that hurricane detection and monitoring instruments improved dramatically during the last century.“The counts from the late 1920’s to the late 1960’s are probably less than what actually occurred, because we didn’t have satellites looking down from space and monitoring everything all the time,” Landsea said.But even if the increase in hurricane activity is natural people need to still stay alert, Goldenberg said.

“For this year, it ain’t over, and people need to be prepared.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Book of Daniel

Daniel's Prohecy may have been interperted:
is something BIG going to happen?

The book of Daniel is a coded book.

The Talmud says that the Hebrew part of the the book contains the exact time of the Geulah (redemption), but they say that Hebrew words are coded. This was the reason, as the Talmud explains in Megila 3A, that the Hebrew text in Daniel was not interperted to Aramic by Tana Yonathan-Ben-Uziel, who interperted most of the books of the Bible (if he would interpert the coded Hebrew words, everyone would know the exact time of the Geulah (redemption) according to the Talmud). This also means that no English (or any other language) interpertation could get to the real meaning of Daniel's prophecy.

Lately, a surprising approach was given to interpert the last prophecy in Daniel. According to this approach, "Something big" is about to happen, which is related to Israel's Geulah soon.

Becuase of the nature of these explanations, we cannot translate them to English, since they relate to Hebrew grammar and texts. However we can give here a general idea.

In the end of the book of Daniel, he gets a prophecy which announces a number of days from a certain event. The number is 1290 days for the first date, and 1335 for the second date. The English translation of the event is pointless, since the Hebrew text is coded.

According to the latest interpertation, the event is the destruction of World Trande Center Twin Towers, and the hit of the Pentagon on the September 11th terrorist attack against the United States by Moslem militants. The full explanation can only be understood in Hebrew, so read the
Hebrew site if you are familiar with Hebrew.

Anyway, decoding the prohecy gives the verse in Daniel the following meaning: "From the time that the `long-thing` has been removed by an unholy fly from the sky, 1290 days". The "long thing" (TAMID in Hebrew, which is interperted here as something with great MIDA (length), according to `HaKtav veHaKabala` commentary on Exodus) is WTC Twin Towers.

The unholy fly (SHIKUTZ in Hebrew, refers according to the Torah to unholy flies and fish. MESHOMEM means from the sky, so it is defenately an unholy fly) is the crashing airplanes. This same event is coded also on chapter 11 verse 31 (which is now decoded in Hebrew as: "some will come from the opposing side, and make themsleves dead (commit suicide) in the `temple of strength` (Pentagon), removing the `long thing` (WTC Towers) by the unholy fly from the sky").

Calculating the 1290 days from September 11th 2001 results exactly on Purim's eve: March 24th. 1335 days results at the end of the month of Nissan (May 8th), which is in accordance to the Talmud's prophecy about Israel's Geulah redemption that "was in Nissan in the past (i.e. Geulah from Egypt slavery), and shall be in Nissan in the future (i.e. in the days of the Messiah)".

Pay attention: The IBN-EZRA in his commentary on Daniel says that the calculation of time should be from the begining of the last war (Gog and Magog) itself, of the "King-of- the-North" (USA) against "Egypt" (representing Arabs and Islam). If this is true, the calculation will be delayed in about a month. The first date should be about Pessach, and the second at about Shavuos.

Speculations about what will happen, if this interpertation is correct, are numerous, but the main speculations are: war with Iran (US-Iran war will happen no matter what, according to prophecies, the question is just a matter of time, as it was with US-Iraq war with was propehcied), a great magnitude international terrorist attack, the coming of the Messiah King, or a miracle with undeniable magnitude.
Let's hope and pray for a fast arrival of our King the Messiah, Amen.

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