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What Will Trigger 
the Next World War?

This is the clash we need to watch for next. By Stephen Flurry and Brad Macdonald

Benjamin Netanyahu is on a mission. Over the next several months, Israel’s new prime minister aims to convince world leaders of the imminent danger Iran poses to Western civilization. Shortly before he was sworn in on March 31, Netanyahu told the Atlantic that besides fixing the economy, Washington’s other primary imperative must be to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

“You don’t want a messianic apocalyptic cult controlling atomic bombs,” Netanyahu said of the Islamist theocracy.

Should the Obama administration fail to stop Iran, Netanyahu said, Israel might be forced to preemptively strike the Islamic Republic.

Since the Bible affirms that Europe—not Israel or the United States—will ultimately smash the Iran-led “king of the south” (Daniel 11:40), in some ways, Israel’s hawkish threats against Tehran might distract us from other, far more consequential events, prophetically speaking.

The Bible says the spectacular clash between the European “king of the north” and radical Islam will primarily revolve around Jerusalem. It’s the division of Jerusalem, not Iran’s quest for nuclear power, that will trigger the next worldwide war.

The Inevitable Clash

“Behold, the day of the Lord cometh,” Zechariah wrote in a prophecy for the end time. “For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle; and the city shall be taken, and the houses rifled, and the women ravished; and half of the city shall go forth into captivity, and the residue of the people shall not be cut off from the city” (Zechariah 14:1-2).

In the vision, the prophet begins with the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and then works his way back to describe events that immediately precede the Messiah’s appearance on Earth. Before all nations gather to fight against Christ at His return, Jerusalem “shall be taken”—conquered by the European conglomerate. This event, signaling the beginning of what the Bible calls the Great Tribulation, occurs shortly after Europe’s whirlwind attack against radical Islam.

Shortly before that clash between the kings of the north and south, Zechariah says half of Jerusalem will “go forth into captivity,” indicating the city will be divided by some kind of violent struggle. What this prophecy indicates is that a Hamas-dominated Palestinian insurgence, backed by Iran, will take half the city of Jerusalem captive.

The Israeli-Islamist clash over Jerusalem is what we need to be watching for next.

For the past decade, at times it appeared as if Israel would willingly give up East Jerusalem at the negotiating table. In December of 2005, a poll published by Yedioth Ahronoth found that about half of Israelis supported the idea of giving up parts of Arab East Jerusalem if it would solidify a peace deal with the Palestinians.

Even before he became prime minister, Ehud Olmert said that Israel would someday have to give up its dream of an eternally united Jerusalem under Jewish sovereignty. After one month in office, one of Olmert’s colleagues in Kadima told the Associated Press that Olmert’s government was devising a plan for dividing Jerusalem.

Compare that with where we suddenly are today. What a difference three years makes, as Pierre Atlas wrote March 27 for Real Clear Politics, contrasting Israel’s new government with Ehud Olmert’s. Atlas noted that in 2006, most Israelis supported the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, and much of the Knesset favored withdrawing from parts of the West Bank. At the time, the right-wing Likud party, which opposed unilateral withdrawals, suffered most as a result of the electorate’s mood. It lost 26 of its 38 seats in the 2006 parliamentary elections.

“No one could have imagined then that, three years later,” Atlas wrote, “Netanyahu would be forming the next Israeli government.”

Actually, shortly before those 2006 elections, as our regular readers know, our editor in chief mentioned on his weekly Key of David television program that Benjamin Netanyahu would likely return to power in Israel because of the prophecy in Zechariah 14:2. He said half of Jerusalem is “going to be taken by force, and you need to realize that. Now, that might also indicate that the Likud, or the conservative party, will get in power” (Jan. 6, 2006).

With a right-wing coalition now in power in Israel, that brings us one giant prophetic leap closer to the inevitable clash over Jerusalem.

The Fight for the City of David

In sharp contrast to his predecessor, Benjamin Netanyahu campaigned for prime minister on keeping Jerusalem united. At a campaign stop at the Regency Hotel on Mt. Scopus, Netanyahu said, “If we gave up half of Jerusalem, there would be an Iranian base right near this hotel.”

International scorn for this harder-line stance has been intense. In early March, for example, Israel was blasted for its proposal to expand an archaeology park in the City of David, which would require the demolition of dozens of Palestinian homes that have been constructed there illegally over the past 20 years. This in spite of the fact that, under the plan, not only would East Jerusalem wastelands be converted into beautiful gardens and parks, but the illegal residents would also be given generous compensation packages, which would include relocation land.

During her March visit to the region, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said any plan that calls for the demolition of Palestinian homes would not help the peace process.

Nir Barkat, Jerusalem’s new mayor, criticized Clinton for being duped by Palestinian propaganda. The Palestinian Authority has accused Israel of “ethnically cleansing” East Jerusalem in order to “Judaize” the city.

The European Union has also harshly criticized Israel. According to a confidential EU report that was leaked to the media in March, EU officials have accused Israel of “actively pursuing the illegal annexation” of East Jerusalem (emphasis ours).

Benjamin Netanyahu’s government has vowed to push ahead with this multiyear development plan even as critics lambaste the government for making it harder to divide Jerusalem as part of any two-state solution. One official from Netanyahu’s office who defended the government’s position told the Times of London, “Jerusalem has been the eternal capital of the Jewish people for some 3,000 years and will remain the united capital of the State of Israel.”

Mayor Barkat, like Prime Minister Netanyahu, supports keeping Jerusalem united. Under the direction of Barkat, Jerusalem authorities recently sent eviction notices to 90 families in East Jerusalem near the Old City, warning that because their homes had been built without proper council approval, they would be demolished.

In an interview with the Jerusalem Post, Barkat defended the municipality’s plans for the city by saying, “I would like to see what [New York Mayor Michael] Bloomberg would say about illegal building in Central Park. Would he give up Central Park because there is illegal building there?”

The battle for the City of David, located in the Arab neighborhood of Silwan, is a microcosm of a larger struggle that will soon thrust the entire city of Jerusalem into a boiling cauldron of hatred and violence.

Becoming a War Zone

Tension between Palestinians and Jews increased substantially after the Gaza war in January. It intensified further after the elections of Prime Minister Netanyahu and Mayor Barkat. Many right-wing Jewish movements, invigorated by the new government’s refusal to cave in to Palestinian ambition, are experiencing a renaissance.

This is not to imply that the Palestinian cause is flailing. In fact, it too is gaining steam, thanks to increasing direct and indirect support from the international community—most notably from the American administration of Barack Obama.

Jerusalem, especially East Jerusalem, is quickly deteriorating into a war zone!

Consider a few recent events. On April 2, in the West Bank town of Bat Ayin near East Jerusalem, a Palestinian brandishing a pickax hacked a 13-year-old Israeli boy to death and wounded his 7-year-old friend. Islamic terrorist groups Islamic Jihad and the Imad Mughniyeh Group claimed responsibility for the murder, warning ominously that it was merely a “natural response to the crimes of the occupation.”

The same day, at about 2 a.m. in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City, seven Jewish settlers broke into the home of Nasser Jaber, a Palestinian businessman who had moved out of the home while renovations were being done. Claiming they owned the house, the settlers replaced the locks and took over the home.

In April, a Palestinian man driving a car tried to run over Israeli police officers. The police, who were monitoring the demolition of the Jerusalem home of the Palestinian terrorist who killed three Israelis in a bulldozer rampage last July, shot the man dead. Afterward, a scuffle erupted between police officers and dozens of angry Palestinians who sympathized with both the driver of the vehicle and the terrorist whose house was being bulldozed.

The next day, a spokesman from Hamas’s military wing delivered a prophetically electrifying response to Israel’s efforts to defend itself against illegal Arab intrusions. Hamas official Abu Ubayda “threatened Israel of an ‘explosion’ if it continues to consolidate control of Jerusalem,” the Ma’an News Agency reported. Ubayda also warned that “the Judaization of Jerusalem and threat to the iconic al-Aqsa Mosque could provoke reprisals.”

Jerusalem’s cobbled streets are rumbling, tension is mounting, war is brewing. This is sobering. But it is also incredibly exciting.

This intensifying conflict will result in the prophesied division of Jerusalem, which is the trigger that will set off a rapid-fire sequence of events culminating in the return of the Messiah to the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem (Zechariah 14:4).

“When half of Jerusalem falls,” editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote in March 2006, “it starts a chain reaction of events—an avalanche of crises—that leads directly to Christ’s Second Coming!” This is why—even during economic, political, social and personal calamity—we must not take our eyes off Jerusalem.

Events in that city are the measure of how close we are to the most awesome event in human history!

Logically, Jesus’s focus right now is on ensuring Jerusalem, His landing pad, is ready for His return. In a spectacular way, conditions in Jerusalem today—politically, demographically, economically, even archaeologically—are aligning just as Christ described in the Bible 2,000 years ago!

We need to watch Jerusalem closer than ever. Even now, events in that city indicate that the Messiah’s return is imminent, and that the time rapidly approaches when He will transform Jerusalem into exactly what its name means: a city of PEACE!

Study Zechariah’s prophecy in detail in our free booklet Jerusalem in Prophecy, 
specifically Chapter 3.

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With Friends Like These …

May 20, 2009 | From

America’s president wants to reshape the Middle East—by snubbing an ally.

Is Barack Obama sacrificing America’s alliance with Israel for the sake of … a shot at a relationship with Iran?

Let’s begin at the end—or, at least, close to the end. The “historic opportunity” to solve the Arab-Jew conflict spoken of by the White House is nothing of the sort, and efforts to pursue it will crash and burn. Then, what happens next will be an awesome and awful fulfillment of an ancient prophecy.

Events this week advanced the situation toward that end.

In the Oval Office on Monday, Israel and America butted heads. Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama agreed on what the top two agenda items should be: the peace process and Iran’s nuclear program. But which to put first?

“The worst danger we face is that Iran would develop nuclear military capabilities,” stressed Israel’s prime minister. For Israel, preventing an Iranian nuclear bomb is a question of survival. Iranian leaders have vowed to eliminate Israel. This threat must be removed before meaningful headway can be made seeking peace. After all, the Palestinian populace is divided in two. Half is ruled by Hamas, a terrorist group whose patron is Iran. If Iran is defanged, its proxies within Israel shrivel, and peace becomes more likely.

President Obama countered that the nuclear issue needs to take a backseat to the peace process. “If there is a linkage between Iran and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, I personally believe it actually runs the other way,” he said. Gaining ground in the peace arena “strengthens our hand in the international community in dealing with a potential Iranian threat.” In other words, the United States wants Israel to make more concessions in hopes of appeasing Arab states; then they might be likelier to turn around and pressure Iran to abandon its nuclear aims.

The flaws in the president’s reasoning are deep. In truth, if the Palestinians get a state before Iran is neutralized, the threat to Israel’s existence grows significantly. Palestine would likely become another, larger Gaza Strip: a terrorist camp bristling with Iranian weapons.

Nevertheless, President Obama is taking this position for at least one major reason: He wants a partnership with Iran.

The Afghanistan-Pakistan situation is well out of hand. The border region between the two countries has been overrun by the Taliban, endangering supply lines to U.S. and coalition forces in Afghanistan. The Obama administration proposes to solve the problem by bypassing it—sending supplies through an alternate route. That means soliciting help from Afghanistan’s western neighbor, Iran.

But AfPak is only one of several foreign-policy challenges hammering Washington. It appears the president has stepped back and reassessed the lot of them—Iraq, Hamas, the Israel-Palestinian conflict, Syria, Lebanon, nuclear proliferation. He figures that all these problems become more manageable if Iran is onside.

If that is true, the only reason is that Tehran is largely behind all these problems! They wouldn’t exist if not for Iran. Treating it as an ally is like hiring the arsonist into the fire department.

Yes, through back-channel dealings, Washington is looking to forge a military and intelligence partnership with Iran. Of course, Iran’s mullahs aren’t excited about the idea of helping the U.S.—“the great Satan”—to subdue the Taliban. Should they oblige, their price will be steep. But consider all the incentives the U.S. has to offer. It can allow Iran a free hand in Iraq. It can remove economic sanctions.

It can drop its opposition to Iran’s nuclear program.

It can pull back its support for Israel.

How much is America already doing these things? Recently, the U.S. broke a long-standing agreement with Israel by explicitly naming the Jewish state among the world’s presumed nuclear powers. The comment sparked outrage in Israel; many analysts saw it as a sign of the administration’s antagonism. And after President Obama’s meeting with Netanyahu this week, many observers were dismayed at the treatment Israel’s prime minister received. “There wasn’t a single blister that Obama didn’t step on,” wrote Israel’s second-largest daily, Ma’ariv.

“A new era has begun in relations between Israel and the United States,” Eytan Gilboa, a political science professor at Bar-Ilan University, told Agence France-Presse. “The new American president does not have a particular sentiment towards Israel. He is defending his interests and his global approach to the Middle East, which includes a rapprochement with the Arab world at the expense of privileged relations with Israel” (emphasis mine throughout).

That’s why, when Netanyahu says that keeping nuclear weapons away from Iran should be top priority, Obama balks. In fact, his administration has been downright testy with Israel, demanding that it stop threatening to attack Iran and that it get America’s permission before making any moves. Bottom line: “Washington will not brook any unilateral Israeli military action that might upset U.S.-Iranian moves towards cooperation in the [Afghanistan-Pakistan] arena,” debkafile reported May 2.

What that means is, the U.S. wants Iran’s help more than it seeks Israel’s security. The president is clearly signaling that he will address Iran according to America’s interests rather than Israel’s survival. He labels Israel’s urgency over Iran’s nuclear program “artificial.” He rejects Netanyahu’s apocalyptic view, because it rudely intrudes on his dream of redefining the Middle East.

President Obama believes—correctly—that Iran cannot be persuaded to give up its nuclear activities. What to do, then? According to the Jerusalem Post, senior U.S. officials say off the record that the U.S. has accepted the idea of a nuclear Iran. “As far as the administration is concerned, the only reason Iran would threaten U.S. interests is if Israel provokes it. As far as the administration is concerned, if Israel could just leave Iran’s nuclear installations alone, Iran would behave itself,” wrote Caroline Glick. “But if Israel preemptively takes out Iran’s nuclear capabilities, and Iran in turn attacks Israeli and U.S. targets in the region, the Obama administration will hold Israel—not Iran—responsible for whatever losses the U.S. incurs.” How rich.

For America to suffocate its alliance with Israel is appalling, and it will end in tragedy. To pursue an alliance with Iran is folly, and it will end in ruin.

A “historic opportunity” for peace this is not. By no means is Israel eager to let its crucial relationship with the U.S. fracture—but don’t expect it to stand for such unfriendly treatment for long. It will pay lip service to America’s demands, but then resist conceding much to an “ally” clearly unconcerned about its interests.

For some years, the Trumpet has drawn attention to a biblical prophecy suggesting a division between the U.S. and Israel. Events certainly seem to be vindicating that forecast.

But that isn’t actually the most remarkable storyline that will emerge from these events.

A far more earthshaking prophecy revolves around where Israel will turn once it feels abandoned by the United States. As Stephen Flurry wrote back in January 1996—thirteen years ago, “Because of America’s declining support, Israel will seek help from the only other major world power—the European Union, dominated by Germany, or biblical Assyria (Hosea 5:13). … As the threat of war looms for Israel, look for them to turn to the European Union for help and support instead of America.” This prophecy is explained in our August 2001 cover story, “The Counterfeit Peacemaker”—as is its tragic outcome.

For the Jews to seek help from the enemy that shattered them in World War ii is a measure of their foolishness. But for shunning a staunch ally in order to pursue the false promise of a partnership with an enemy, America carries no small measure of guilt.

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Palestinian government: Christians being 'watched'
Believers suffer atmosphere of intimidation, persecution

Posted: May 21, 2009
10:50 pm Eastern

By Aaron Klein
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

JERUSALEM – Christians in the Palestinian territories are being "watched," a spokesman for the Palestinian Authority admitted to WND.

"We have been watching this Christian organization and for the moment there is nothing special in their activity," said Adnan Dmeire, spokesman for the PA's security organizations in West Bank.

Dmeire was referring to the Association of the Holy Book, one of the main groups that attends to the needs of Christians in the Palestinian territories. The group has been accused by both the PA and Hamas of carrying out missionary activities. A Bible store the association sponsored in the Gaza Strip – the only Christian bookstore in the territory – was attacked by Islamists several times. The store's owner, Rami Ayyad, was found shot to death in 2007, his body riddled with bullets.

Dmeire was responding to a WND inquiry regarding a Hamas accusation earlier this week that the PA was allowing the Christian association to carry out missionary activity in the West Bank.

Christian persecution trend

Christians living in the Palestinian territories have not faired well under PA or Hamas rule.

In 2006, a YMCA in the northern West Bank was attacked. Gunmen destroyed the locks on the YMCA's entrance gates, crushed the gates, then entered the building and set it ablaze. Local fire brigades reportedly rushed to the scene and stopped the blaze before it spread to neighboring buildings. The attack occurred just after a PA-linked preacher accused the YMCA of missionary activity.

Following the YMCA attack, one Christian leader, an aide to Jerusalem's Latin Patriarch Michel Sabah who asked his name be withheld for fear of Muslim retaliation, called the rampage part of a general trend of Christian persecution in Palestinian areas.

"It's been happening all over the West Bank and Gaza," said the aide.

There have been rampant reports of abuses and persecution in several West Bank towns taken over by the PA.

Anti-Christian riots have been reported in Ramallah, Nazareth and surrounding villages as well as in towns in Gaza, where Christians have been targeted in scores of attacks, some deadly. In Bethlehem, local Christians have long complained of anti-Christian violence. The city's Christian population, once 90 percent, declined drastically since the PA took control in December 1995. Christians now make up less than 25 percent of Bethlehem, according to Israeli surveys.

Christian leaders and residents in Bethlehem told WND they face an atmosphere of regular hostility. They said Palestinian armed groups stir tension by holding militant demonstrations and marches in the streets. They spoke of instances in which Christian shopkeepers' stores were ransacked and Christian homes attacked. One of the most urgent problems involves the unilateral confiscation of Christian property by local Islamists.

"It is a regular phenomenon in Bethlehem," Samir Qumsiyeh, a Bethlehem Christian leader and owner of the Beit Sahour-based private Al-Mahd (Nativity) TV station, told WND. "They go to a poor Christian person with a forged power of attorney document, then they say we have papers proving you're living on our land. If you confront them, many times the Christian is beaten. You can't do anything about it. The Christian loses, and he runs away."

In the Gaza Strip, Christians fare worse under Hamas rule. The Islamist group took over the territory in 2007. About 3,000 Christians live in the Gaza Strip, which has a population of over 1 million.

In December, Christian leaders in Gaza told WND they held only small, quiet Christmas celebrations after local leaders received warnings from Muslim groups against any public display of Christianity during the holiday season. Hamas claimed the Christian celebrations were muted to protest what it said was an Israeli siege of the coastal Gaza Strip.

Since Hamas' rise to power, Christian in Gaza repeatedly have been targeted. Jihadia Salafiya, an Islamist outreach group with a so-called military wing, is suspected of many of the Islamist attacks, such as a May 2007 shooting against a United Nations school in Gaza after it allowed boys and girls to participate in the same sporting event. One person was killed in the attack.

In the case of Ayyad, the bible store owner, WND quoted witnesses stating he was publicly tortured a few blocks from his store before he was shot to death. The witnesses said they saw three armed men, two of whom were wearing masks, beat Ayyad repeatedly with clubs and the butts of their guns while they accused him of attempting to spread Christianity in Gaza. The witnesses said that after sustaining the beating, Ayyad was shot by all three men.

Christians warned: Accept Islamic law

Sheik Abu Saqer, leader of Jihadia Salafiya, told WND in an exclusive interview after Hamas first seized Gaza that Christians could continue living safely in the Gaza Strip only if they accepted Islamic law, including a ban on alcohol and on women roaming publicly without proper head coverings.

"[Now that Hamas is in power,] the situation has changed 180 degrees in Gaza," said Abu Saqer, speaking from Gaza.

"Jihadia Salafiya and other Islamic movements will ensure Christian schools and institutions show publicly what they are teaching to be sure they are not carrying out missionary activity. No more alcohol on the streets. All women, including non-Muslims, need to understand they must be covered at all times while in public," he said.

"Also the activities of Internet cafes, pool halls and bars must be stopped," said Abu Saqer. "If it goes on, we'll attack these things very harshly."

Abu Saqer accused the leadership of the Gaza Christian community of "proselytizing and trying to convert Muslims with funding from American evangelicals."

"This missionary activity is endangering the entire Christian community in Gaza," he said.

Abu Saqer claimed there was "no need" for the thousands of Christians in Gaza to maintain a large number of institutions in the territory.

He said Hamas "must work to impose an Islamic rule or it will lose the authority it has and the will of the people."

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Israel 'willing to risk' relationship with U.S.
Middle East expert: 'The message was pretty clear from the American side'

Posted: May 18, 2009
10:47 pm Eastern

© 2009 WorldNetDaily

President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday held their first face-to-face meeting to discuss, among other things, Iran's nuclear program.

"I think their ability to work together will be quite good ... but it's the focus of the meeting that's the real difference between them," said Joshua Goodman, director of research at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.

Netanyahu's focus was on a time limit for negotiations with Iran, with the threat of military action if no agreement is reached, while Obama defended his diplomatic approach and again refused to commit to an "artificial deadline" for negotiations.

"I don't think [Netanyahu] got exactly what he was looking for," continued Goodman.

Goodman, an expert on Iranian and Persian Gulf affairs, said "the message was pretty clear from the American side."


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America Disarms, the World Rearms

Often, it takes an economic crisis to reveal where a country’s national priorities really lie. Notably, all of the world’s major power blocs are using this time of financial hardship to increase their military spending—except the United States.

Take Russia. The financial pandemic has forced the Kremlin to drastically cut government spending across the board. Budgets for both the Energy Ministry and the Transport Ministry this year were slashed by almost a third. In fact, the only massive, expensive project the Russian government has increased funding for is its military.

President Dmitry Medvedev vowed on March 17 to increase government military spending this year by 26 percent in order to transform Russia’s creaky, Soviet-era defense industry into a leaner, more effective fighting force. Vladimir Putin and his Kremlin cohorts clearly place a high priority on national defense.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute recently reported that Russian arms exports were 14 percent higher from 2004 to 2008 than the previous five years. Seventy-one percent of these exported weapons were delivered to Russia’s Asia-Pacific allies; deliveries of naval vessels and advanced combat aircraft to China and India accounted for a considerable share.

The Russians aren’t the only ones beefing up their armed forces amid economic crisis. Chinese Adm. Wu Shengli told reporters on April 15 of his nation’s ambition to start building large combat warships, next-generation aircraft and sophisticated torpedoes. International media sources speculate that China is already building us many as six aircraft carriers. Whether or not that is true, the fact remains that Beijing has upped its military spending by 14.9 percent this year. Its military is fast becoming a formidable force—especially in light of Beijing forming military alliances with Moscow, Tokyo and New Delhi.

Germany also has caught rearmament fever, and will be funneling almost €500 million (US$633 million) from the second government stimulus package into the Defense Ministry. This money will be used to buy tanks, combat drones, submachine guns, military vehicles and underwater mine detectors for the German armed forces.

Germany’s military industries have increased their arms exports by a record 70 percent over the past five years. This means that Germany is now the third-largest arms exporter on the planet—behind only the U.S. and Russia. This new multimillion-euro injection of stimulus money will increase Germany’s military capacity even more. Just as most of Russia’s arms exports are going to Moscow’s Asia-Pacific allies, so much of Germany’s arms exports are going to Berlin’s European allies. Indeed, German arms exports to European destinations grew by 123 percent from 2003 to 2008.

The U.S., it appears, is the only major world power that is not drastically increasing military spending. In fact, Washington is drastically cutting spending on some of its most vital defense programs.

On April 6, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced Washington’s intention to restructure American defense spending to concentrate on the “wars we are in” rather than those that military planners may anticipate in the future. In other words, the Pentagon is now focusing on counterinsurgency warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan at the expense of other threats to America.

As part of this restructuring, the F-22 Raptor fighter jet program will be terminated, the Airborne Laser and Transformational Satellite programs will end, and the U.S. Navy will continue to shrink from the 313-ship fleet size that was set just a few years ago.

“It is important to remember,” said Gates, “that every defense dollar spent to over-insure against a remote or diminishing risk—or, in effect, to run up the score in a capability where the United States is already dominant—is a dollar not available to take care of our people, reset the force, win the wars we are in and improve capabilities in areas where we are under-invested and potentially vulnerable.”

Of course, perceived “remote” and “diminishing” threats do not always stay remote and diminishing. As America focuses in on terrorism and ignores the threats posed by traditional nation-states, it risks allowing nations like Russia and Germany to narrow the gap between their militaries and the preeminent U.S. military.

As journalist Walter Lippmann observed in 1943, the push for disarmament after World War i only proved “tragically successful in disarming the nations that believed in disarmament.”

The truth behind the restructuring of America’s military spending is that Washington can no longer afford to maintain its military superiority. Other nations know this and are seizing the opportunity. The day is fast coming when the Pentagon will have many more threats to worry about than just Afghanistan.

For more information on America’s military 
decline, order a free copy of The United States and Britain in Prophecy by Herbert W. Armstrong.

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my friend HARRY is 94 years old


An American family moved next door. Four lovely daughters. The eldest 19, is looking for a job. . . looking for a job. . . looking for a job.
But, no decent jobs to be found.

My heart aches for this young woman and for all the youngsters, pouring out of our over-rated high schools and colleges -- and into a vanished job market.

I hope, by this time, you understand the VAST difference between a service job and a REAL productive job.

Where are those PRODUCTIVE jobs?

Oh, apathetic Americans -- where have you been, what have you been doing while our country's prosperity engine -- our manufacturing industries, high and low-tech jobs were hi-jacked to COMMUNIST China, Japan, India, Mexico, etc. etc.

I had hoped that Barack Obama's call for "change" would result in a COMMON-SENSE administration, that traced our economic sickness back to the CORRUPT Congresses of BOTH parties. I had hoped a new President would point at the source of our fatal economic and political illness --- "most favored nation" trade with China and other slave-wage countries, illegal immigration, "earmark" corruption in every bill that reaches his desk for signature into another "law".

My hopes were in vain. Obama thinks he can SPEND his way out of our economic mess? NEVER! All his spending can provide is a flurry of SERVICE, "fix-it", research jobs that COST money and brings no wealth to our country.

China now has the formula that once made us rich -- export, export, export -- products not b.s.

WE will get more borrowing, more printing press "funny money" (no gold backing) and hyper-inflation.

I can assure you that our Founding Fathers would NOT have wanted us involved in the World Trade Organization, the World Bank or the despicable United Nations, now dominated by despotic, communist, Muslim and fascist regimes that hate America and everything that democracy stands for.

I can assure you that "water-boarding" is hardly a topic of concern among nations that gouge out prisoners' eyes, pull out fingernails with pliers, break bones, use electric shock on genitals and then sashay off to the U.N. to complain about the "cruelty" practiced by the U.S. on a few Muslim killers caught with the blood of Americans on their hands.

But - that is another topic, not to be forgotten -- and won't.
Does God love greedy, stupid. UNpatriotic people?
He must because, otherwise. . .

WHY did he create so many of them -- and permit them to becomes Congressmen (Pernicious Pelosi, too), Senators, Presidents and C.E.O.s of so many vulture corporations?

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« Rioters destroy part of the French border checkpoint at the Europe Bridge, protesting against the NATO summit in Strasbourg, France.
(Photo by Carsten Koall/Getty Images)

Should Americans Prepare for a “Summer of Rage”?

April 14, 2009 | From

Why some are saying it’s time to get your guns, get out of the city and head for your survival bunker. By Robert Morley

Americans are the most heavily armed people in the world. They are also probably the most heavily doped, drugged and indebted. With the economy breaking down, an explosive cocktail could be brewing. The protests at the G-20 and nato summits could be a harbinger of what is headed for Main Street America.

Parts of Strasbourg resembled miniature war zones during the nato summit (April 3 and 4). It was like a French Gaza. Masked protesters hurled rocks, smashed windows and even lit a hotel on fire. Stratfor reported that rioters armed with loaded weapons indicated the violence could have easily exploded into something much worse. Around 25,000 riot police mobilized and arrested hundreds of people. “It’s incredible to think that people choose to take part in a peace protest armed with axes and metal bars and take out their anger on civil servants who are merely doing their job,” French President Nicolas Sarkozy said during a television interview Sunday (emphasis mine).

Yet, rioting in Europe is becoming commonplace. On April 4 in Rome, 200,000 workers took to the streets in the city to vent frustrations over the financial crisis. Over the last month or so in France, hundreds of angry workers have taken managers hostage at three different companies (Caterpillar, 3M and Sony) to protest mass layoffs and wring concessions out of employers.

The British are preparing for more riots too. At the beginning of April, two chief constables quoted in Mail Online gave grim warnings: It’s time to “batten down the hatches. The bad old days of riots could soon be back.” Police are warning that a “summer of rage” may soon engulf the country as victims of the economic downturn take to the streets, the Guardian reported.

But could anything like this hit America?

According to Trends Research Institute ceo Gerald Celente, yes, and soon—and riots are not the only issue Americans will have on their hands.

In November 2007, Celente told upi that the following year would become known as “The Panic of 2008.” Proven correct, he now paints a disturbing picture for 2009 and beyond. Celente says to expect food riots, squatter rebellions, tax revolts and job marches by 2012. “America’s going to go through a transition the likes of which no one is prepared for,” he said.

But Celente is not alone in his sober forecast. In a recent post, Trader Tracks Newsletter analyst Roger Wiegand, painted a dark picture:

Social problems from massive unemployment will cause higher crime rates. One analyst estimates the U.S. murder rate will increase to 50,000 per year, matching national traffic accident numbers. Single mothers, children, elderly and others will go hungry. National government disaster planners cannot cope (think Katrina times 100) as they grossly underestimate how bad this can get and how swiftly it arrives. There is plenty of food but the handling and distribution problems will interrupt/delay deliveries. People eat daily, not once a month.

In response to public demonstrations, food riots and escalation of crime, federal troops will be called out and martial law implemented in the worst-case cities. The right-wing militias will be joined by other put-upon groups in fighting with these troops. With so many weapons throughout America, this is going to be ongoing and deadly.

If the above scenario didn’t leave you dizzy, Wiegand goes on to say that large sectors of corporate America will grind to a standstill. Soaring unemployment will cause black markets to spring up everywhere. The U.S. dollar will become obsolete as bartering and personal trading becomes the new American economy. The new black market will put further pressure on what is left of America’s remaining retail business. U.S. auto industries will go bankrupt, and GM and Chrysler will no longer be independent companies. Those who can afford it will abandon the big cities and live in gated enclaves protected by private armies. In short, America will, in many ways, become a Third World country.

In case you think Celente and Wiegand are overly extreme, the evidence is all over the local news, you just have to look.

  • According to cnn, a record one in 10 Americans already gets government aid to buy food. That’s over 32 million Americans!
  • According to Bloomberg, the real unemployment rate now stands at 15.6 percent, not the oft-quoted 8.5 percent.
  • According to USA Today, record numbers of consumers are behind on their non-mortgage loans.
  • According to Reuters, one in eight U.S. homeowners is behind on loan payments or in foreclosure.
  • According to Associated Press, tent cities are springing up as people are forced out of their homes and onto the streets.

One of the most vivid examples showing that America may be on the verge of breakdown comes in the form of grassroots tax day tea parties, or rallies, scheduled in the coming weeks. There are thousands of them.

“The tea parties will bring the outrage to a full boil,” one Republican political commentator said. “[T]he battle to protect our nation from socialism’s effect on our culture and our American exceptionalism has just begun.”

Is America on the verge of another 1773?

There is evidence that the U.S. government thinks the possibility of widespread internal turmoil is a real possibility and is developing a military contingency plan. On Sept. 30, 2008, the Army Times reported that Army troops returning from Iraq were now being trained in America “as an on-call federal response force for natural or man-made emergencies and disasters,” and may be “called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control.” As of the end of 2008, 20,000 troops had been earmarked for deployment within the U.S, the Washington Post reported.

Are Vietnamesque protests, or the widespread and violent worker marches of the Great Depression, about to return? Could another Boston Tea Party—or something worse—be brewing?

Celente warns, “The ‘Panic of ‘08′ will be followed by The Collapse of ‘09.’” Political, environmental, geopolitical, social and economic factors all point to “the decline and fall of Empire America,” he says.

Will today’s economic breakdown be the match that ignites the social Molotov cocktail?

America is facing a future of friction and flame. As the U.S. economy further breaks down, unemployment and, consequently, social pressures will inevitably increase. Is chaos in American cities about to become a common sight? Read the chapter “Terrorism and Race Riots” from Gerald Flurry’s booklet Ezekiel: The End-Time Prophet to understand how the Bible says terrorism and race riots are looming—for America.

Saturday, May 09, 2009


Montana Governor Signs New Gun Law

Executive Summary – The USA state of Montana has signed into power a revolutionary gun law. I mean REVOLUTIONARY. The State of Montana has defied the federal government and their gun laws. This will prompt a showdown between the federal government and the State of Montana. The federal government fears citizens owning guns. They try to curtail what types of guns they can own. The gun control laws all have one common goal – confiscation of privately owned firearms.

Montana has gone beyond drawing a line in the sand. They have challenged the Federal Government. The fed now either takes them on and risks them saying the federal agents have no right to violate their state gun laws and arrest the federal agents that try to enforce the federal firearms acts. This will be a world-class event to watch. Montana could go to voting for secession from the union, which is really throwing the gauntlet in Obamas face. If the federal government does nothing they lose face. Gotta love it.

Important Points – If guns and ammunition are manufactured inside the State of Montana for sale and use inside that state then the federal firearms laws have no applicability since the federal government only has the power to control commerce across state lines. Montana has the law on their side. Since when did the USA start following their own laws especially the constitution of the USA, the very document that empowers the USA.

Silencers made in Montana and sol in Montana would be fully legal and not registered. As a note silencers were first used before the 007 movies as a device to enable one to hunt without disturbing neighbors and scaring game. They were also useful as devices to control noise when practicing so as to not disturb the neighbors.

Silencers work best with a bolt-action rifle. There is a long barrel and the chamber is closed tight so as to direct all the gases though the silencer at the tip of the barrel. Semi-auto pistols and revolvers do not really muffle the sound very well except on the silver screen. The revolvers bleed gas out with the sound all over the place. The semi-auto pistols bleed the gases out when the slide recoils back.

Silencers are maybe nice for snipers picking off enemy soldiers even though they reduce velocity but not very practical for hit men shooting pistols in crowded places. Silencers were useful tools for gun enthusiasts and hunters.

There would be no firearm registration, serial numbers, criminal records check, waiting periods or paperwork required. So in a short period of time there would be millions and millions of unregistered untraceable guns in Montana. Way to go Montana.

Discussion – Let us see what Obama does. If he hits Montana hard they will probably vote to secede from the USA. The governor of Texas has already been refusing Federal money because he does not want to agree to the conditions that go with it and he has been saying secession is a right they have as sort of a threat. Things are no longer the same with the USA. Do not be deceived by Obama acting as if all is the same, it is not.

Text of the New Law





Section 1. Short title. [Sections 1 through 6] may be cited as the "Montana Firearms Freedom Act".

Section 2. Legislative declarations of authority. The legislature declares that the authority for [sections 1 through 6] is the following:

(1) The 10th amendment to the United States constitution guarantees to the states and their people all powers not granted to the federal government elsewhere in the constitution and reserves to the state and people of Montana certain powers as they were understood at the time that Montana was admitted to statehood in 1889. The guaranty of those powers is a matter of contract between the state and people of Montana and the United States as of the time that the compact with the United States was agreed upon and adopted by Montana and the United States in 1889.

(2) The ninth amendment to the United States constitution guarantees to the people rights not granted in the constitution and reserves to the people of Montana certain rights, as they were understood at the time that Montana was admitted to statehood in 1889. The guaranty of those rights is a matter of contract between the state and people of Montana and the United States as of the time that the compact with the United States was agreed upon and adopted by Montana and the United States in 1889.

(3) The regulation of intrastate commerce is vested in the states under the 9th and 10th amendments to the United States constitution, particularly if not expressly preempted by federal law. Congress has not expressly preempted state regulation of intrastate commerce pertaining to the manufacture on an intrastate basis of firearms, firearms accessories, and ammunition.

(4) The second amendment to the United States constitution reserves to the people the right to keep and bear arms as that right was understood at the time that Montana was admitted to statehood in 1889, and the guaranty of the right is a matter of contract between the state and people of Montana and the United States as of the time that the compact with the United States was agreed upon and adopted by Montana and the United States in 1889.

(5) Article II, section 12, of the Montana constitution clearly secures to Montana citizens, and prohibits government interference with, the right of individual Montana citizens to keep and bear arms. This constitutional protection is unchanged from the 1889 Montana constitution, which was approved by congress and the people of Montana, and the right exists, as it was understood at the time that the compact with the United States was agreed upon and adopted by Montana and the United States in 1889.

Section 3. Definitions. As used in [sections 1 through 6], the following definitions apply:

(1) "Borders of Montana" means the boundaries of Montana described in Article I, section 1, of the 1889 Montana constitution.

(2) "Firearms accessories" means items that are used in conjunction with or mounted upon a firearm but are not essential to the basic function of a firearm, including but not limited to telescopic or laser sights, magazines, flash or sound suppressors, folding or aftermarket stocks and grips, speedloaders, ammunition carriers, and lights for target illumination.

(3) "Generic and insignificant parts" includes but is not limited to springs, screws, nuts, and pins.

(4) "Manufactured" means that a firearm, a firearm accessory, or ammunition has been created from basic materials for functional usefulness, including but not limited to forging, casting, machining, or other processes for working materials.

Section 4. Prohibitions. A personal firearm, a firearm accessory, or ammunition that is manufactured commercially or privately in Montana and that remains within the borders of Montana is not subject to federal law or federal regulation, including registration, under the authority of congress to regulate interstate commerce. It is declared by the legislature that those items have not traveled in interstate commerce.

This section applies to a firearm, a firearm accessory, or ammunition that is manufactured in Montana from basic materials and that can be manufactured without the inclusion of any significant parts imported from another state. Generic and insignificant parts that have other manufacturing or consumer product applications are not firearms, firearms accessories, or ammunition, and their importation into Montana and incorporation into a firearm, a firearm accessory, or ammunition manufactured in Montana does not subject the firearm, firearm accessory, or ammunition to federal regulation.

It is declared by the legislature that basic materials, such as unmachined steel and unshaped wood, are not firearms, firearms accessories, or ammunition and are not subject to congressional authority to regulate firearms, firearms accessories, and ammunition under interstate commerce as if they were actually firearms, firearms accessories, or ammunition. The authority of congress to regulate interstate commerce in basic materials does not include authority to regulate firearms, firearms accessories, and ammunition made in Montana from those materials. Firearms accessories that are imported into Montana from another state and that are subject to federal regulation as being in interstate commerce do not subject a firearm to federal regulation under interstate commerce because they are attached to or used in conjunction with a firearm in Montana.

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Please note; Jerry is not of my faith, he is a converted jew and he is entitled to his opinion. I am not a converted JEW, I am going to die as I was born, as a Jew.

You may not like it, but it's the truth.

Posted: Monday, May 04, 2009
- written by jerry golden

As Israel prepares for what could be an attack or a counter attack from Iran, one thing remains certain, we here in Israel are certainly preparing for war. With constant preparations of our missile defense systems the Arrow anti-missile, the THAAD and something I believe to be new for Israel the AEGIS. The IDF, IAF and Reserves are training every week now for different types of seniors. It is now known that Iran has the capabilities of sending split warheads, and a large barrage of missiles at one time. With the new radar bases set up in Israel it is possible to have several minutes of warning after Iran launches the first missile.

What I am about to say may come as a surprise to most reading this. It is my belief that Iran is not all that ready to attack Israel, for they know it would be committing suicide for the majority of its people. That does not mean that Israel isn’t on their agenda simply because from child hood Arabs are taught to hate and to kill Jews. But what Iran is most interested in at this point is total control of the Persian Gulf, Israel isn’t in there way for taking control, but the US Navy is. As Iran keeps all the attention on the possibility of wiping Israel off the map, (not likely) instead of what they are really planning and that is a massive attack on the USA.

It has been reported in the past that they have been working on the capability to launch Ballistic Missiles off of commercial cargo ships that will be in range of the US coast lines with no problem giving them the ability to reach any US city almost at will. Even though it is never spoken of, there are few who don’t believe Iran has already purchased nuclear warheads for many of their missiles, and we are suppose to believe they can only obtain them by making their own. Then it is no secret that sleepers cells have been put into place across the US as well and waiting on the orders to go into action. In the mean time all eyes are on the ancient war between Ishmael and Isaac and to be certain that war does exist and will continue to go forward until the Prince of Peace returns.

To add fuel to the fire we hear many reports, one that surfaced yesterday was that the Israeli Air-Force while on exercises near Gibraltar had planned an attack on the Iranian Air-Force during a recent air-show where they had planned a parade, but was tipped off by the Russians Intelligence that the IAF was going to hit all their fighter jets crippling their capabilities much like Israel did in 1967 to Egypt, so Iran dispersed all its fighter jets to isolated locations in Iran and canceled the air-show.

In the mean-time the so-called “Palestinians” are still sending home-made and Iranian rockets into our civilian populations without National News agencies reporting this war crime. Yesterday the IAF bombed more Hamas smuggling tunnels in the Rafah area on the border of Egypt ion response to incoming missiles, of course only Israel was condemned by the UN.

This new Obama administration is going from one decoy to another to keep the eyes of the world distracted for what lies ahead, now it is the H1N1 Swine Flu. It is now being reported that all those who died in Mexico were from the poorest parts of the population with little to know medical care. Most who have contacted the Swine flu in the US and Israel have already recovered and been released from hospitals.

I am asked all the time do I believe that Obama is the anti-Christ, the answer to that is no, but he is certainly anti-Christ, and it has now become very obvious that he has used his first 100 days to cater to the enemies of the US and Israel and mostly to the Arab Islamic world. He has proven beyond any doubt he is no friend to Israel and has plans to bring UN forces into this land and force Israel to accept a two state solution with people who will not even accept our existence.

There are many Scriptures that Obama should take the time to read, not that it would open his eyes. One that we have heard in ways that seems to direct judgment from God toward Gog and Ma-Gog but possibly we should consider it also for the USA Keeping in mind what is developing. Read the following with the possibility it is in fact speaking of the USA.



I know already that I will receive emails and letters telling me that I am preaching fear, well maybe so, for if that is the only way to get some to open their eyes so be it. One thing is certain if I’d preach everything will be ok then if nothing happen in the next few months or year I’d be loved by many. But what I am telling you is what I believe the Holy Spirit is showing me, there will be no way for me to tell you I told you so. What is important to this Messenger is to say the things I feel God puts on my heart and that is just what I’ve always done and will continue to do.

As for preparations there is really only one important way to prepare, and that is to draw very close to Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Messiah). It is required of you to provide protection for you family, and if you don’t you are like an Infidel. (I-Tim.5:8) There are many articles that I have written in site that would help you prepare for your family and loved ones.

This Ministry has been called to save Jewish lives, and only those who have been touched by the Rauch Hakoddesh (Holy Spirit) can or will be able to understand that. And those who know what is at stake in this calling they have come to grips with the meaning of Gen. 12:3. We need the larger boat and I believe the time is closing in on us, but we still have time if enough will act in obedience to God’s touch.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it. Shalom, jerry

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Robert MorleyColumnist

The Vatican Will Betray Israel—Again

May 5, 2009 | From

As the world watched the Durban II spectacle, most missed its most important revelation.

The Vatican is one of the most powerful political forces in the world. It has one of the most respected and established intelligence agencies. It is the leader of over a billion Catholics. When the Vatican acts, nations take notice. But this time it was what the Vatican didn’t do that is significant. This deafening inaction should send chills down the spine of anyone who cares to notice.

The United Nation’s Durban ii conference in Switzerland was ostensibly held to promote human rights and to combat racism, discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance. In actuality, the conference exposed the UN as a Third-World-regime-dominated forum committed to lashing out at America and other Western countries that actually make efforts to respect human rights and fight against racism.

For proof of the farce it was, just look at the show’s officials.

Who was host of the Durban ii anti-racism conference? Libya. Libya: one of the world’s worst perpetrators of racism, discrimination, and human rights abuses. Libya: the nation that abducted five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor then starved and beat them over an eight-year period until they confessed to intentionally spreading hiv to Libyans. Libya: the home of unrepentant Jew-hater and master terrorist Col. Muammar Gadhafi.

Who was the vice chair at the UN human rights anti-racism conference? And who was chosen to give the opening address? None other than Iran and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The same Ahmadinejad who openly says the solution to peace in the Middle East is to wipe Israel off the map. The same Ahmadinejad who pays terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah to strap bombs to Arab women and children so they can blow up Israeli women and children. The same Ahmadinejad who believes it is his duty to speed the return of the Islamic savior, the 12th imam, by igniting World War iii.

Who was the official anti-racism rapporteur for Durban ii? Cuba—another less-than-pristine example of a human-rights-supporting nation.

If there is still any question as to whether or not Durban ii had in fact a racist, anti-American agenda, all the proof you would ever need is Durban i. The whole purpose of Durban ii was to reaffirm and ratify the findings of Durban i—the original UN-sponsored America-bashing hate fest that singled out Israel alone, out of literally all countries in the world, as the example of a racist state.

In the U.S. State Department’s own words, “The [Durban ii] text still contains language that reaffirms in toto the Durban Declaration and Program of Action from 2001, which the United States has long said it is unable to support. Its inclusion in the … document has the same effect as inserting that original text into the current document and re-adopting it” (emphasis mine).

Is it any wonder that the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands and Czechoslovakia boycotted the conference along with Israel? These countries knew that even just attending the Durban ii conference would be tantamount to a vote of support for Durban ii’s racist agenda. (The racist agenda was this: Anybody who isn’t Arab, African or Asian is guilty of racism—especially America and Israel.)

However, 23 European Union nations, including Britain, decided to attend Durban ii anyway, even though they knew exactly what the agenda would be!

Yes, those 23 nations also staged a big show by walking out of the conference hall when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave the opening speech, in which he said the Holocaust did not happen and that it was a conspiracy made up by Jews. The spectacle made for good headlines. But the bigger point is that after the speech ended, 22 nations walked right back in to ratify the agreement!

The walk-out was nothing but a big exhibition to distract from what they were actually doing—supporting the enemies of America and Israel.

But, as if the performance of those 22 nations wasn’t repulsive enough, the performance of the Vatican was even worse.

The Vatican delegation didn’t even walk out. They just sat there. They listened to Ahmedinejad’s hate speech, and stayed in place as the remaining delegates erupted in applause.

It was as if Pope Pius xii had returned to silently watch the crowds jeering as the Nazis fed the Jews to the lions.

Pope Pius xii earned the title “Hitler’s pope” for his cooperation with the German and Italian governments and his refusal to speak out against Nazi racism, the death camps and the mass extermination of Jews across Europe during World War ii.

But this isn’t 1940. Today, Pope Benedict xvi reigns, and people imagine the Vatican to have repented of its World War ii shortcomings, its post-World war ii ratlines that smuggled Nazis out of Europe, the Inquisition, and several hundred years’ worth of Crusades.

Then why is it that the number-one religion in the world didn’t feel it had a moral responsibility to speak out against racism? Why didn’t it do anything besides just sit there and take it all in? By absenting themselves, secular representatives acted more morally than the Vatican did at Durban ii.

But the Vatican was sending a message.

It is the same message it sent earlier this year when Pope Benedict xvi lifted the excommunication on the bishops of the ultra-conservative Society of St. Pius x. They included Richard Williamson, an outspoken skeptic of the Holocaust who says that only a tiny fraction of 6 million Jews died, and there were no gas chambers or efforts to target Jews. Williamson has also stated that “Jews are adversaries of our Lord Jesus Christ,” and that they aim at world domination.

It is the same message Pope Benedict xvi sent when he revised the “Good Friday Prayer for the Jews” to include a call for the conversion of the Jews and that God lift the veil from their eyes.

And it is the same message Pope Benedict is sending by not permanently halting the beatification of Pope Pius xii (the last step before being made a saint), claiming that Pius spared no effort in “the defense of the persecuted, with no distinction of religion, ethnicity, nationality or political affiliation” and that Pius saved the “largest possible number of Jews” by Meanwhile, Benedict has quietly ordered that all Vatican archives relating to Pius’s war-time action remain sealed.

The message sent—by word and deed—is this: The Vatican is going to betray the Jews again.

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