Thursday, February 17, 2011

Personal Commentary


I have decided this is the proper time to write a personal commentary about our ECONOMIC situation. What I am about to write is my own opinion only and I admit freely that I do not claim to have a degree in Economics or a college degree of any kind, but I am not stuck on stupid like most people in this world.

First I honestly believe all that is happening is pre ordained by G-d the FATHER, all elected officials world wide were put in office for his end game that will lead to the final Battle in the Valley of JEZREEL which is about 55 miles North of Jerusalem. ISAIAH 34-6 will initiate this. This book or play has been written in concrete thousands of years ago and nothing can change it. Right now its Target = "JERUSALEM" the only winner will be G-d the FATHER. The ESSENES spelled it out in the DEAD SEA SCROLLS FOUND IN 1947.

Lets get back to ECONOMICS which I have very limited experience in but I am going to explain it to you as I see it. Lets first break down what a TRILLION dollars means. One (1) Trillion Dollars is one (1) one thousand Billion dollars. One BILLION dollars is one (1) thousand Million dollars. Most people like me have no concept of how much money $$$ this represents.

Lets now assume the UNITED STATES has a credit card issued by the BANK OF CHINA which I will call the MASTER CHINA CARD. Credit limit is 14 Trillion dollars. Its like our personal credit card where we must pay a minimum monthly bill every month so as not to be in default or late. This MCC (master china card) requires a minimum payment of one Million dollars per month to maintain its stability and credit line. Are you with me so far ??

So the UNITED STATES must make this payment come hell or high water to maintain its credit line or they will default or cancel our credit card. These Government programs initiated to get more money now go to pay off this monthly debt, and as most of you already know paying the minimum balance never will get you out of debt, it just gets you deeper in debt depending on the interest rate that this MCC is now charging you. If you are late you pay a late fee. There is basically no way out, you are caught in a revolving door with no exit.

This is the easiest way I have come up with to explain what our situation is at this time. Printing more fake money with no gold behind it thanks to "NIXON" becomes Monopoly play money. Its just a fraud and only a matter of time before American states start to declare Bankruptcy. When they do the Police, Firemen, State employees etc, will all lose their pensions that they worked so hard for all their lives.

I have no answers, I know this is going to get much worse. Just look what happened to GERMANY after WWI. This is how Hitler came to power, promising people a future of lies and deceit. We are now at the beginning of the end as I see it, in my opinion this has "ALL" been pre ordained. The key now is the more that the UNITED STATES turns their back on ISRAEL which is still the land of G-d whether you want to believe it or not the worse it will get.

Here is what I see that will happen and it is my opinion only. As it is written so it shall be done. GENESIS 12-3 tells you clearly what G-d will do. then to clarify, go to OBADIAH 1-15 and G-d basically says that what you do to the Jews will be done to you. There is so much more but you must get the idea by now.

I am going to tell you why G-d in the end destroyed FDR, CHURCHILL, STALIN. You do not have to believe a word I say but I am compelled to tell you. DURING WWII The Rabbi's begged FDR and CHURCHILL to bomb the railroad tracks going into the NAZI death camps and they "BOTH" refused saying it was not a priority target. The Rabbi's only wanted the tracks destroyed. FDR refused to allow a ship full of Jews to enter the UNITED STATES, these Jews went back to Germany and were killed.

As far as CHURCHILL its much more complicated than that, he turned NAZI GERMAN AGENTS into "DOUBLE" agents that he used to feed the "NAZI's" misinformation. Churchill decided during the terrible NAZI bombing of LONDON to feed the NAZI machine using his converted GERMAN DOUBLE AGENTS coordinates of the "JEWISH AREAS" of LONDON to be annihilated by NAZI bombers to save the areas he deemed were more important. It was done and G-d the FATHER paid him and FDR back big time. This is fact. The HEBREW ANGEL OF DEATH KILLED THEM BOTH.

Lets talk about STALIN. Aside from killing his own people and being a mass murderer. In his last days on earth he issued an order saying that ALL "JEWS" were to be killed. On the 12th day before his orders were carried out he was stricken with a massive brain hemorrhage and died. This was again done by the HEBREW ANGEL OF DEATH. This is the same ANGEL that killed all the first born in EGYPT DURING THE TIME OF MOSES. HE IS STILL DOING HIS WORK AS I WRITE.

This is as I see it and its going to get a great deal worse. America is in Decline and I can only feel very bad because I grew up in a once great America that I will never forget. I was dirt poor, had nothing but G-d the FATHER was always in my life from day one.

Thank you


Sunday, February 13, 2011


It’s Hard to Watch Your Country Die

One can’t help but sigh and cry. By Joel Hilliker

The talk in global political circles is that the U.S. is washed up. America’s defense secretary, traveling to China in January, addressed the gossip. “I’ve watched this sort of cyclical view of American decline come around two or three times, perhaps most dramatically in the latter half of the 1970s,” Robert Gates said. “And my general line for those both at home and around the world who think the U.S. is in decline is that history’s dustbins are filled with countries that underestimated the resilience of the United States.”

Maybe. But it seems hard to underestimate the U.S. these days.

The secretary’s words ring especially hollow when you look at where he was heading. China has plenty cause for a low estimation of the United States. America owes it probably a trillion dollars. And China looks poised to single-handedly neutralize America’s robust, decades-long influence in the Asia Pacific thanks to a military spending binge that will yield aircraft carriers, stealth planes and aircraft-carrier-killing missiles.

Meanwhile, Secretary Gates, just days earlier, announced that America will slash military spending by $78 billion. The contrast between a country rising and a country sliding is stark.

It’s painful to watch someone you love dying of a terminal sickness. The same must be said of seeing a country you love die.

America suffers with several ills from which it will not recover. This reality is becoming inescapably plain. There is hope—a bright, shining, sure hope for this country. But it is most certainly not to be found in any of the sources that naive optimists look to. We must face facts.

The virtues America once embodied have largely faded. The blessings America once enjoyed have been squandered. America’s military dominance is proving inadequate. Its wars are proving impossible. Our allies are leaving us. Our enemies are provoking us.

The epic indebtedness to China and the shrinking military are both symptoms of an irreparably broken economy. Not only has America’s fiscal irresponsibility gone on too long to correct, the country shows no sign of having the will to even try.

Despite growing unemployment, despite ruinous private and public debt, despite whole states risking bankruptcy, despite the federal government now paying its bills with nothing but printed paper, Americans keep spending like good times will roll forever. Frugality, thrift, moderation, self-control, self-sufficiency—it seems such perennially American virtues are permanently lost, buried by rank materialism and excess.

The nation simply will not recover from this condition before it pays dearly for it. The last Congress racked up a stupefying $3.22 trillion in debt in two quick years. After an election that supposedly rebuked Washington for its profligacy, Republicans agreed to a spending bill that will add another trillion to the debt.

This new Congress will not reverse this juggernaut trend. Newcomers agitating for change face a House controlled by one party, a Senate controlled by the other, and a president with veto power and a bulldog determination to keep expanding the government.

And, truth be told, he’s got the people behind him. Maybe not for healthcare. But Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare represent more than $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities—and no politician plans to lose his job trying to prevent those programs from bankrupting the country. The problem isn’t Obama: The wild spending, the disastrous deficits, the entitlements, the bailouts—these all started with his “conservative” predecessor. The problem is Washington—and the voters that decide who to send there.

The children of hard-bitten, self-reliant settlers who conquered the West have become grabby government dependents.

The nation’s spreading economic and political sickness is matched by its moral decline. Despite warnings from military leaders and front-line soldiers of how it will hurt America’s fighting capability, civilian leaders decided that homosexuals can now freely serve in the military. At a press conference celebrating this policy “victory,” the president said his views on same-sex “marriage” are “evolving.” Those views, like those of the public, will never “evolve” back to upholding the plain definition of marriage that has underpinned stable families and strong societies for millennia.

As if the stabilizing force of family isn’t being rocked enough. Out-of-wedlock births and single-parent households, once associated with inner-city poor, are now common among the rural white working class as well. In the nation’s capital, more than half of family households are run by single parents. In one area of Washington, only a quarter of homes contain a functioning marriage; of the remaining homes, nearly 9 in 10 are run by women.

No wonder 40 percent of Americans think marriage is becoming obsolete: A generation is growing up without even seeing what it is supposed to look like. Fractured families breed more fractured families. This is a sickness that simply will not heal.

The litany of such problems goes on and on. Each headline shows a bleaker prognosis, a new pain, another symptom bound only to get worse. “The passing of the Christian West signifies the end not only of a worldview, but of a character type—one based on honor, family, self-help, blood-and-soil patriotism, personal responsibility and a God-centered moral order,” wrote Jeffrey Kuhner. “Self-indulgence and self-expression have filled the vacuum. Life is no longer about sacrifice and duty; it’s about maximizing pleasure and self-fulfillment.”

Viewing this, one can’t help but sigh and cry—as the Prophet Isaiah did, speaking prophetically of America today: “Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupters: they have forsaken the Lord, they have provoked the Holy One of Israel unto anger, they are gone away backward. … [T]he whole head is sick, and the whole heart faint. From the sole of the foot even unto the head there is no soundness in it; but wounds, and bruises, and putrifying sores: they have not been closed, neither bound up, neither mollified with ointment” (Isaiah 1:4-6). It’s painful to watch, particularly in a country you love.

Secretary Gates may have been technically accurate. But the far more relevant truth is that history’s dustbins are filled with countries that overestimated their own resilience.

Friday, February 04, 2011

THE SUEZ CANAL - Understand Your World
Joel HillikerColumnist
Will the Muslim Brotherhood Close the Suez Canal?
February 2, 2011 | From
Oil prices have spiked at just the possibility. Europe is keeping close watch.

Almost immediately after angry Egyptians took to the streets last week, oil jumped to over $100 a barrel. It was the first time oil hit triple digits since the record spike to $147 two years ago. Clearly, investors were spooked at even the thought of a disruption in energy production and shipping.

On Monday, we got a glimpse at one important reason why. A leading Muslim Brotherhood member said the Suez Canal should be immediately shut down.

Muhammad Ghannem made the provocative statement to an Arabic-language Iranian news network. He also said Egyptians should “be prepared for war against Israel.”

It was a chilling peek at what might happen once the dust settles from these popular protests sweeping Egypt. Western optimism notwithstanding, the Muslim Brotherhood will likely end up in power—which means the Middle East’s most populous and influential Arab country is about to lurch from relatively stable, moderate ally to volatile, radical enemy.

The shock waves will be massive. This will revolutionize the landscape in the most combustible part of the world. It will embolden extremists like nothing since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, and place formidable levers of power in their hands.

Control over the Suez Canal is definitely one of those levers. It’s a prime example of why Europe is watching events in Egypt so intently.

The Suez Canal is one of the engineering marvels of the modern world. It cuts through 118 miles of Egyptian countryside, connecting the Red Sea with the Mediterranean, thus linking Europe with East Africa and Asia. Initially completed over 140 years ago—after 1.5 million laborers moved more than 1.2 billion cubic feet of soil with picks and shovels—to this day it remains a conduit for roughly 8 percent of global seaborne trade.

Of particular concern is oil. Though Egypt exports none itself, the U.S. Energy Department still classifies it as one of the few World Oil Transit Chokepoints. Every day, 2 to 3 million barrels of oil and fuel products pass through the canal and the Suez-Mediterranean Pipeline, which also traverses Egypt. That amounts up to 2.5 percent of global oil production.

According to Barclays, about two thirds of that energy is traveling north toward Europe. It accounts for 5 to 7 percent of Europe’s oil consumption.

Disrupt these shipments, and European supply—and global prices—would be “affected tremendously,” Dalton Garis, an associate professor at an Abu Dhabi energy-research center, told the Wall Street Journal.

The New York Times reported on the same possibility: “While [oil] prices are set globally, the immediate impact of any interruption would be felt primarily in Europe, which relies heavily on jet fuel, heating oil and other distillates refined in the Middle East and shipped via the canal and pipeline” (emphasis mine). Already this past week, European oil prices have soared—even higher than those in America.

Investors are concerned that Egypt’s instability makes ships passing through the canal more susceptible to attack. Worse, though, is the prospect of a radical, anti-West government taking over Cairo and shutting the canal down altogether, a likelihood Barclays Capital warned of this week. Oil tankers transporting Middle East oil westward would have to travel the extra 6,000 miles around Africa, delaying delivery times and markedly increasing costs. That’s the last thing a continent mired in economic problems wants.

One could be forgiven for thinking that Ghannem’s call to close the canal was calculated to panic Europeans.

“People talking about the closure of the Suez Canal are talking about a collapse of the state, which it is in our interest to avoid at all costs,” Italy’s foreign minister, Franco Frattini, said Monday. “This is one of the reasons why Egypt’s stability is fundamental for the economy too, as a result of trade in the Mediterranean and therefore with Europe.”

Remember, the Suez Canal was once before at the heart of a war. In fact, current conditions resound with echoes of that history.

On one side was an Egyptian leader with a vision of militant pan-Arabism that put him at odds with European colonial powers. Colonel Gamal Nasser had taken part in a coup against the Egyptian monarchy in 1952 and then overthrown the president two years later. In July 1956, in a purposeful display of Arab strength, he seized control of the Suez Canal.

On the other side were the canal’s European owners. The canal was the West’s most prominent asset in the Middle East: At the time, a full four fifths of Western Europe’s oil was passing through it. France, Britain and Israel responded to Nasser’s provocation by combining forces to invade.

In what has proven to be a terrible blunder, the United States broke from its British ally and came out firmly against the action. The United Nations, beholden to Third World opinion, also dissented. In the end, a ceasefire was imposed, and control of the vital Suez Canal was yielded up to Egypt. It was a massive defeat for Britain in particular, marking its unmistakable loss of status as a great power—and the fulfillment of a biblical prophecy that it would lose control of its sea gates.

Since that event, Europe has significantly reduced its dependence on Suez. Nevertheless, in these economically strained, extremely oil-dependent times, the Suez Canal remains very significant strategically.

The prospect of a Muslim Brotherhood government gaining control over this asset—punctuated by the explicit call for its closure by a prominent member—makes it easy to imagine a militant Egyptian government again using the canal to provoke a European power.

This time, however, the players would be somewhat different. On one side would be the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization sure to prove even more aggressive than Nasser was (at one time, it actually tried to assassinate Nasser). And on the other, rather than a fading Britain, would be a surging, unified Europe. These differences would result in a far different outcome than the war in 1956.

Longtime Trumpet readers are well familiar with the end-time prophecy in Daniel 11—set to be fulfilled soon—of a “push” by an Iranian-led, Islamist Middle Eastern power (“the king of the south”) of a German-led European empire (“the king of the north”). Our editor in chief has speculated about the likelihood of oil factoring into this provocation: Iran could well gain control over supplies to such an extent as to be able to drive prices to uncomfortable highs. “This in turn could cause Europe to quickly unite into the most powerful economic bloc in the world,” he wrote in the Trumpet’s December 1994 edition.

The European empire described in biblical prophecy—and presently coalescing, even amid financial troubles—is a voracious economic power, and unimaginably ferocious in securing the energy and other resources it needs to fuel itself.

It is important to note that, in Daniel’s prophecy, when a unified Europe wipes out Iran, it violently overthrows Egypt in the process (“and the land of Egypt shall not escape,” Daniel 11:42 tells us). Clearly, the links between Iran and Egypt will be strong and deep by that point—so much so that Europe will feel compelled to eliminate them both in a stroke.

Today, the ideological similarities and informal ties between the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran are well known. This is a major reason why we have been saying for two decades that the Brotherhood was destined to come to power in Egypt. Daniel’s prophecy reveals that this Arab state would experience exactly the sort of lurch toward extremism that we see unfolding before our eyes today.

How much might the Brotherhood’s use of the Suez Canal as a weapon factor in to the king of the south’s “push”—and the king of the north’s violent response? We know that Egypt will not escape the European whirlwind. Perhaps today’s $100 oil and a threat to close the canal give us a clue as to why.

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