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I have thought about writing some commentaries for a very long time. Some people like my thoughts and others are skeptical, but time has proven me correct so far.
It has not played out enough so far to see the entire scenario. I am not a writer, I have no major education like many of you but I often sense and see things that others do not.

I do not have to tell you at this point in time that we are in a great deal of trouble. This country has turned away from G-d and basically threw him under the BUS. Now there will be a terrible price to pay, there is no turning back. I personally have not ever been one of those people. These people that have done this to their creator have no idea the price they are about to pay both in this physical world and in the next world for their sins against G-d. The hypocrites that lie to themselves and pretend they are people of HONOR are fooling no one but themselves, because when you die a recording of your life is played back for you to answer for "ALL" your lies and cheating and indiscretion's.

G-d has now intentionally set the world wide stage for total language confusion among its world leaders but also among its people. It is my belief only loyal and gifted people can and will be able to see the truth. He has basically re invoked the TOWER OF BABEL SCENARIO. This has now brought total chaos to this entire world. All I can comment about is what I see in this country. At this point in time I am not convinced there will be another Presidential election. There are too many variables I continue to see. One EMP attack over KANSAS we go back living in the 1850's. It could even be a false flag attack like the GULF OF TONKIN.

We have some decent people representing us in DC but they get corrupted not only by the old timers who should have retired 20 years ago but also by the pressure of the lobbyists. Its all about money and power, they can't seem to remember G-d always wins and they get a Coffin in the end or their family gets an URN. G-d is infinite and if you bothered to read the first sentence in the book of GENESIS, that alone says it all. We are not living on G-d's time, his world is beyond what we know. In our physical world most pre ordained scenarios happen in increments of 12 physical years. A few examples, it took Hitler 12 years to become Chancellor of Germany from when he started giving speeches in the Beer halls. Hitler was in Power for 12 years. The Chinese calendar is in 12. Our calendar is 12 months. We were in Vietnam for about 12 years when you include the advisers first sent in. How many years from the first Gulf War to the Second Gulf war ? We have been in Afghanistan for over 10 years to protect the POPPY FIELDS and try and get an overland pipeline from the CASPIAN SEA. ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY AND POWER AND OIL.

You say Russia was defeated in Afghanistan. Was it because of US stinger missiles. Now our top of the line young BRAVE American soldiers are coming home without arms and legs to protect who ? You can not negotiate a peace with 28 different tribes, they all have their own leader. In the end we get a Coffin and G-d is still our creator and master of the universe. Read Leviticus 26, verse 19, 20 that says it all. We have been deceived since President Reagan was in office. When that great man died, America died. Then greed became the normal for the people in charge. Had they been limited to no more than two terms things may have been different. I personally believe all that is now happening is BIBLICAL and PRE ORDAINED. The final battle of the GOGUMAGOG war will soon take place in the VALLEY OF JEZREEL, 55 miles North of Jerusalem.

How many times now do you hear an ad to buy GOLD. Its all BS. You can NOT eat GOLD. In hard times who will accept GOLD for food, gas, or water ? NO ONE. IN 1933 FDR SIGNED THE GOLD CONFISCATION ACT. No AMERICAN was allowed to own over $100.00 worth of GOLD. It was confiscated by the US GOVERNMENT. THIS WAS DONE BY EXECUTIVE ORDER. This could be re enacted by the signature of the current President by another Executive order at any time day or night, even at 3am in the morning.

I suggest you never use an "ELECTRONIC" lock or safe. If you keep valuables in a Bank safety deposit vault, remember it we get hit by an EMP device they will not be able to open that Bank, safe, or vault. You will lose everything in there you thought was so valuable. Buy a small home fire proof safe with a key and if necessary bury it.

If you decide this commentary is helpful in your life let me know and I will write another one. I made 23 videos that are gun related that I turned over to my son CHARLES. He makes the copies, light scribes them and I have no part of any sales but it helps him.


Teddy J.

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