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Europe—Hidden Paths to Chaos
November 29, 2011 | From theTrumpet.com
One has to understand national character to figure what is going on in Europe. By Ron Fraser

“Germany, once again … holds the weapons for the entire continent’s suicide in its hands”—if it doesn’t change its position, “there will be a catastrophe.”

That is the view of Jacques Attali, former adviser to ex-French President Fran├žois Mitterrand and reputed to be “one of the world’s top 100 public intellectuals” (Foreign Policy Magazine, May/June 2008).

Attali’s view of Germany instigating a situation that has brought Europe yet once again, for the third time within less than a century, to the brink of catastrophe, is in direct accordance with the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s view of the German national character.

In Beyond Good and Evil (first published in 1886, during the period of the second German Reich), Nietzsche described that character thus: “As a people of the most monstrous mixture and medley of races, … as ‘people of the middle’ in every sense, the Germans are more incomprehensible, comprehensive, contradictory, unknown, incalculable, surprising, even frightening than other people are to themselves: They elude definition ….”

Nietzsche spoke of the “German soul …; its disorder has a good deal of the attraction of the mysterious; the German is an expert on secret paths to chaos.”

In a classic summation of a national character that has played out constantly in German politics since the time of the archetypal Prussian politician Bismarck, Nietzsche declared, “It is not for nothing that one is called the ‘tiusche’ Volk, the Tausche-Volk, deceiver people.”

The problem with most analysts who attempt to daily make sense of what German elites are truly up to amid Europe’s greatest crisis in almost 70 years is that they fail to take note of the fundamental national character of the German volk!

Philospher George Santanyana famously mused that “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Any observation of current events in Europe today that is not cognizant of its history and especially the national character of its peoples will fail abysmally to predict a reliable outcome of those events.

Yet, even with a good understanding of Europe’s tumultuous history and of the innate individual national character of its peoples, without inerrant, divinely revealed Bible prophecy, no estimation of any final outcome of events in Europe—or any other region of the world for that matter—can be reliable.

If you have not yet studied our book The United States and Britain in Prophecy, then you need to do so without delay. Well over 5 million copies have been distributed to date. That book renders in simple language the provable facts about the origin, national characteristics, history and the future of the Anglo-Saxon peoples.

Not only that, it also exposes another piece of provable history that has vital significance in adding to our understanding of the identity and the national character of the very peoples which dominate Europe today! This is knowledge that is so crucial to understanding why Europe is “condemned to repeat,” just one more time, the horrors of the worst parts of its history, its Holy Roman history—only more so!

But that book also reveals that the peace Europe has sought, and been largely denied, especially under repeated resurrections of the Holy Roman Empire, is soon to break out not only across that continent, but across the entire globe!

Get your own copy of that book today. It will help you really understand why today’s chaos in Europe, and just where it is ultimately leading!

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October 14, 2011

by Barry Chamish


We begin with a wedding in 1948. In the photo above are my grandparents, parents, brother, two aunts and one uncle. In the center is the bride, Freda, standing beside her mother Manya Frankel. I don't know if you can see it, but there are real unwanted emotions staring at you. Not four years earlier, many of my grandmothers' family, the Resniks, were slaughtered like animals, mostly in a Polish town called Miedzyrzec. I now know how it happened because Aunt Frida asked her mother where her family were from and she traced the records of the dead.

My last visit to Aunt Freda was when I was in New York a few years ago. I used the time to let her tell me about my maternal family roots. Manya arrived with her parents in Brooklyn around the time of the First World War, married Sam Frankel and had four children. When her parents decided to move to a Midwestern city with her sisters, she joined them.

Frida told me the married names of her sisters, Kosatzky, Marmel, Fireman and that they initially moved to nearby farm towns. Only Freda disliked prairie life so much that she moved back to Brooklyn.

If you look hard, there are two other emotions in the photo, joy and fear. Israel had declared its nationhood, a small reward in an awful decade.The Jews there faced the real possibility of being defeated and turning into the second Holocaust. My family put all their spare time and thoughts into working locally to save Israel. As happy a bride as was Freda, even her wedding day was haunted by recent massacres and the threat of another one any day.

When Freda died recently, she left this photo and a searing document telling how her mother's family met their heartless demise. As I read it, me, being who I am, saw awful parallels with Israel today. See if you agree.

Miedzyrzec prided itself on its religious life:
Unlike the general area, where most of the Jews tended to be part of various Hassidic sects, the majority of the community in Miedryrzec were Mitnagdim (those who opposed the Hassidim). The relationship between the Hassidim and the Mitnagdim was amicable. At one point the Hassidic Rabbi Yechiel Michael Halperin of Kuzmier served as the Rabbi of Miedzyrzec. Only during the 19th century, when Rabbi Yom Tov Raphael Lippman, an extreme Mitnagid, served as Rabbi, did an intense argument occur which culminated in Rabbi Lippman placing the Hassidim in cherem (excommunication). As a consequence of his action Rabbi Lippman was forced to leave the community and things reverted to normal.

Among the other important Rabbis were Rabbi Zvi Hirsch who served during the end of the 16th century, Rabbi Natan Netta Katzenelbogen who came to live inEretz Yisrael and died there in 1689, Rabbi Yehoshua Lieb Diskin who came to live in Eretz Yisrael and established the Diskin Orphanage, and Rabbi Issa Shapira who came in 1930. Rabbi Yitzhak Yakov Wachtfogel was a rabbi in Meah Shearim in Jerusalem, and Rabbi Shimon Yakov Halevi who was a rabbi in Tel Aviv, were both born in Miedryrzec.

Miedryrzec was a town that opposed Hasidim but the villages around it were mostly Hasidic. During the Holocaust, Miedryrzec was a holding center for the district's doomed Jews, and the Hasidim were crowded into the new ghetto along with the Mitnagdim. Ignoring obvious distinctions, to me this is the equivalent of the Hasidim and religious Zionists huddled together in the dying gasps of Judea and Samaria. The difference between the two groups in the forties is that some Mitnagdim survived, while the Hasidim were all but wiped out completely.

The Germans entered the city on the 13th of September 1939, and they were replaced twelve days later, by the Russians on September 25. The Red Army was only there for two weeks and with their retreat some 2000 young Jews managed to join them. The Wehrmacht reconquered the city on October 9, and on the 20th of October, the city was transferred into the hands of the Gestapo.

Why didn't the Hasidim youth retreat with the Russians? Everyone knows the answer because the exact same delusions are alive today in Israel. Their rabbis undoubtedly told them that God wouldn't abandon them and would soon send his Messiah. In actuality, it appears that God did abandon them and that no Messiah showed up. And no matter how many justifications have been fabricated to make Israel different, that the slaughter can never return, the Hasidim are in the exact same boat. And the rest of us could share the fate of the Jews who stayed in Miedryrzec.

Among the Nazi groups that were stationed in the city there were the Gendarmerie and the Schupo, (German police) who would later be responsible for murdering the Jews of Miedryrzec. Among the gendarmes was Sergeant Franz Bauer, who personally killed 1000 of the Jewish residents. In the summer of 1940 six separate work camps were set up where some 2000 Jews worked in terrible conditions. Many of the workers died of hunger and cold. The Jews no longer had any rights. Jewish factories were expropriated, among them the brush factory. Other factories were transferred to polish ownership. Jewish refugees continually came from Krakow and the surrounding area. In December 1941 Jews were ordered to hand over all of their fur coats to the Nazi's. Some 20 Jews were murdered on the city streets and another 75 died during the searches that were carried out by Jewish prisoners of War from the Polish army that were specially brought to the city...

On August 25 and 26 the first action occurred. 10,000 Jews were brutally assembled in the town square. They were forcibly marched to the train station where they were put on 52 cattle cars (shipment 566 according to the German inventory) and sent to Treblinka.
..The Second action took place between October 6 and 9. Some 7000 Jews were forcibly assembled in the town square. At this stage everyone knew what their fate was. The Czienki brothers, who managed to escape from Treblinka, informed the Judenrat of Miedzyrzec and other Jewish ghettos about the extermination that was taking place. The head of the Judenrat told the Gestapo about the brothers and they were shot on one of the small streets of the city.

Between October 27 and 29 and November 7 and 8 two actions took place without respite. The Germans, assisted by the Jewish police conducted searches in the Ghetto. Many Jews were captured and shot on sight. Others were sent to camps. At this time many lost their will to live and simply turned themselves over to the Germans.

We must face the fact: the Nazis organized Jews to run the local government, the Judenrat, and its Jewish police. Without their help, the Holocaust would have gone far slower and perhaps millions would have survived. Many studies have shown that these men were selected from amongst the Jews with low standing in the community and who relished the sudden rise in their social status. The lesson learned was that certain Jews were happy to do the dirty work of outsiders determined to destroy Judaism. These are the leaders of Israel! Israelis don't understand that their leaders, long before, had sold their souls to today's Nazis and were manipulated into power. I could but won't repeat my solid proofs at this time but just know, the Oslo "peace" Accord was the mayor of Miedryrzec inviting the Gestapo to come in and take care of Jewish security.

On May 2 and 3, 1943, after a long hiatus, a fifth action took place. Some 3000 Jews were captured and sent to different camps. Approximately 200 caught trying to hide, were marched to the cemetery, forced to undress, and were then shot. A Jewish youth named Chaim Foga attacked a German officer and threw acid in his face. On that day the entire Judenrat and Jewish police were shot to death.

In this horrific report, I personally relate to Chaim Foga. He knew every Jew was a walking corpse and he fought the executioner. As a result, he ended the delusions of the Jews
working for the Nazis. The leaders of Israel should know, there is no escape for you either.


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