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EMP Weapons

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Protect our electronics against EMP attack

By Patrick Chisholm,
The Christian Science Monitor

The saturation of society with modern electronics, while certainly a good thing overall, gives us an Achilles' heel. The more dependent we become on such electronics, the more vulnerable we are to societal chaos if a substantial portion of them fail simultaneously. It is said that an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, could cause such a failure.

An EMP is generated by a nuclear explosion, or by a smaller-scale "e-bomb." If a terrorist or rogue nation detonated a nuclear bomb a few hundred miles above the United States, the resulting shock wave could damage or disrupt electronic components throughout the country. The consequences could be catastrophic. Our life-sustaining critical infrastructure such as communications networks, energy networks, and food and water distribution networks could all break down.

An EMP was a prominent concern during the cold war with the Soviet Union. That concern is rearing its head again, now that it appears we are headed toward cold wars with Iran, North Korea, and other third-world regimes bent on acquiring nuclear weapons. The possibility of terrorist groups getting a hold of nuclear missiles adds to the danger.
Some of the literature on EMPs gives the impression that such an event would fry every computer in the country, that planes would fall out of the sky, and that society would be thrust back into 19th-century technological backwardness. Such claims may be far-fetched, but EMPs are nevertheless a deadly serious issue.

Fortunately, protecting electronics and critical infrastructure against an EMP is doable. It involves enclosing every electronic component with a metallic cage that blocks out electromagnetic waves.

Sound impossible? Actually, electronic components already enjoy some form of shielding against electromagnetic interference. Federal Communications Commission standards require it. Such shielding is designed to prevent everyday electromagnetic radiation from entering and/or exiting the device. Your computer contains this shielding, from metal housings down to the little metal coverings soldered to your motherboard. There even are housings the size of rooms or buildings that protect sensitive equipment inside. Without electromagnetic shielding, many electronic devices would not work properly.

However, most existing shielding may not be enough to protect against an EMP. While U.S. military standards often require electronic components to be protected against an EMP, commercial standards do not. And while our power grid is shielded against things such as lightning strikes, it is not tested for protection against an EMP.
Upgrading to shield against an EMP would entail using more robust shielding materials, especially for the cords, cables, and/or wires that connect devices to external entities such as power supplies or networks.

Cables and wires act as antennas through which an EMP travels directly into a device.

To what extent would an EMP destroy electronics in their current configurations? Certainly not 100%. Not all electronics are connected to cables or wires. And many of those that are connected may only temporarily be disrupted or not be disrupted at all, thanks to the existing shielding against electromagnetic interference. But an EMP that is powerful enough or close enough could ruin many electronic devices such as computers.

Unlike what was depicted in the 1983 movie The Day After, automobiles may keep functioning after an EMP attack. The electronics within automobiles enjoy robust shielding because of the harsh electromagnetic environment on existing roadways. Aircraft have even stronger electromagnetic shielding, so they are unlikely to fall out of the sky. "Some of the [aircraft's] equipment may not work, but the propulsion and control system usually is pretty robust," said Dr. William A. Radasky, president of Metatech Corp, a consulting firm specializing in electromagnetic environment analysis.

Radasky, one of the world's few experts on protecting electronics against an EMP, thinks that most electronics would undergo only a temporary disruption in the event of an EMP. "You may just have to restart the computer and everything would be fine," said Radasky. But a temporary shutdown of a control system for a critical infrastructure system, he said, would be "troublesome." And if just 1% of all electronics failed, havoc could ensue. "Just think about the power outage in August of '03 when a couple of wires hit a tree," observed Radasky. "That was a single failure, propagated over a huge area.
Now imagine, at the speed of light every place in the United States, some portion of electronics failing. Now you have a very widespread problem."

The only way to know the extent to which an EMP would knock out electronics is to conduct testing with EMP simulators.
Unfortunately, since the end of the cold war, most EMP simulators in the United States have been closed, according to Radasky. And the few that remain open are for military use, not civilian use.

The Department of Homeland Security should set up civilian EMP simulators, and encourage — or require — those in charge of our critical infrastructure to upgrade their facilities and conduct tests to assess EMP vulnerability.

It would be wise to follow Switzerland's lead. According to Radasky, that country during the cold war hardened some of its critical infrastructure against EMPs, such as water works. "They felt that if there was high-altitude burst over Europe, they were going to be affected whether they were a combatant or not."

It is a thorny question as to whether the FCC should revise its standards to require electronics manufacturers to build in EMP protection. This could be prohibitively expensive for the manufacture of individual components. But businesses and government agencies should install EMP protection at the system level. (This also would provide protection against other electromagnetic disturbances such as lightning.)

One positive development is the increasing use of fiber optic cables. Most of them do not contain metal, so they are invulnerable to EMP, according to Radasky. The more common they become, the less exposed systems are to an EMP.

But the Achilles' heel remains. Our dependence on electronics intensifies as a new era of nuclear cold war draws closer. It behooves us to protect our electronics against an EMP.

Copyright 2005, The Christian Science Monitor

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Iran vs. Israel


Israel: Iran 3 months to nuclear point of no returnWarning follows report Sharon ordered military to prepare strikes against Tehran

Posted: December 13, 20058:22 a.m. Eastern

By Aaron Klein© 2005 WorldNetDaily.com

JERUSALEM – Iran will reach the point of no return and possess the capacity to build nuclear weapons within three months, Israeli Defense Forces Chief of Staff Dan Halutz warned today.
The ominous prediction comes just days after the London Sunday Times quoted Israeli officials who said Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has instructed the IDF to prepare a military strike against Iran by the end of March.

Addressing the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee today, Halutz cautioned that after a three-month period, Iran may have a nuclear infrastructure in place. Still, he explained, Tehran would have to obtain enough nuclear materials to build weapons.

"This fact does not represent a threat to Israel just yet, because Iran will have to overcome a few obstacles before it can put the weapons to use," Halutz said.

The IDF estimate was similar to the timetable offered earlier this month by Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the United Nations nuclear watchdog.

"I know they are trying to acquire the full fuel cycle. I know that acquiring the full fuel cycle means that a country is months away from nuclear weapons, and that applies to Iran and everybody else," ElBaradei said in an interview with the British newspaper The Independent.

Also today, the website of state-run television published remarks by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad again casting doubt on whether the Holocaust actually occurred while calling on Muslim nations to take an active role in the Palestinian issue.

Ahmadinejad reportedly was speaking at an Iranian Islamic conference alongside Khaled Meshal, the overall leader of Hamas.
"If the killing of Jews in Europe is true and the Zionists are being supported because of this excuse, why should the Palestinian nation pay the price?" the website quoted Ahmadinejad as saying.

"The Islamic world should give up its policy of passivity and deal with the Palestinian issue more actively," he said.

Ahmadinejad last week provoked fiery responses from the United States, much of Europe, Russia and some of the Arab world when he told reporters at a Saudi Arabian conference intended to show the moderate side of Islam that Israel should be relocated to Europe if the West wanted to make up for the Holocaust.

And in November, Ahmadinejad threatened to "wipe Israel off the map."

Regarding Sharon's instructions the IDF prepare to strike Iran, the Times quoted unnamed defense officials who said Israel would use air and ground forces against several nuclear targets in a bid to push back Iran's nuclear program by several years.

The British newspaper said Sharon's orders were relayed to the army after intelligence officials warned Iran already has activated uranium enrichment facilities hidden at civilian locations.

According to the report, which high-ranking security officials denied to WND, the level of preparedness of the Israeli Air Force has been moved up to the highest level in fear of Iranian retaliation or a pre-emptive strike.

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EMP - Must Read

Nuke over U.S. could unleash electromagnetic tsunami

SPECIAL TO WORLD TRIBUNE.COMWednesday, December 7, 2005

The following excerpt from the new book, "
War Footing: 10 Steps America Must Take to Prevail in the War for the Free World", by Frank J. Gaffney and Colleagues, is reprinted with permission from the publisher, Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, Maryland.

If Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda — or the dictators of North Korea or Iran — had the ability to destroy America as a superpower, would they be tempted to try?

Wouldn't that temptation be even greater if that result could be achieved with a single attack, involving just one nuclear weapon, perhaps even one of modest power and relatively unsophisticated design?

And, what if the attacker could be reasonably sure that the United States would not know who was responsible for such a devastating blow?

Unfortunately, that scenario is not far fetched. It is the conclusion of a report issued in 2004 by a blue ribbon commission created by Congress. The commission found that a single nuclear weapon, delivered by a ballistic missile to an altitude of a few hundred miles over the United States, would be "capable of causing catastrophe for the nation."

How is that possible? By precipitating a lethal electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack.

In 2000, concerned about EMP technology, Congress created the "Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse Attack" (the EMP Threat Commission, for short). In its final report, presented in summer 2004, the panel warned that terrorists could indeed execute such an attack by launching a small nuclear armed missile from a freighter off the coast of the United States.

The ingredients for an EMP attack may be already within reach.
Al-Qaeda is known to have a fleet of freighters.
One of those freighters could easily be outfitted with a short- range ballistic missile capable of getting a nuclear weapon to almost any point in the airspace above our country.

Thousands of Scud missiles exist around the world, and they are said to cost less than $100,000 to purchase from willing suppliers like North Korea. (In December 2002, a North Korean ship was intercepted, temporarily, as it prepared to deliver twelve Scud missiles to Yemen.)
North Korea has also declared its willingness to sell nuclear weapons to terrorists.

Iran has demonstrated it has the capability to launch a Scud missile from a vessel at sea.
Ship-launched ballistic missiles have a special advantage. The "return address" of the attacker may be difficult to determine, especially if the missile is a generic Scud type weapon, found in many countries' arsenals.

But even though all the tools needed for this nightmare scenario could be in the hands of terrorists already, and even though a high altitude EMP attack could be considered the ultimate "weapon of mass destruction," little has changed in our level of preparedness or even our policy debates. EMP is still rarely mentioned in discussions of the WMDs we need to worry about.

We need to start worrying.
An Atmospheric Tsunami
A nuclear weapon produces several different effects. The best known are the intense heat and hyperpressures associated with the fireball and the accompanying blast.

But a nuclear explosion also generates massive outputs of other kinds of energy. These include the creation of intense streams of x-rays and gamma-rays. If those are unleashed outside the earth's atmosphere, some of them will interact with the air molecules of the upper atmosphere.

The result is an enormous pulsed current of high energy electrons that will interact, in turn, with the earth's magnetic field.
In an instant, an invisible radio frequency wave is produced — a wave of almost unimaginably immense intensity, approximately a million times as strong as the most powerful radio signals on the earth. The energy of this pulse would reach everything in line of sight of the detonation. And it would do so at the speed of light.

The higher the altitude of the weapon's detonation, the larger the affected area would be. At a height of three hundred miles, for example, the entire continental United States would be exposed, along with parts of Canada and Mexico.

As the fireball expands in space, it would also generate electrical currents on earth — ultra high-speed electromagnetic "shock waves" that would endanger much of our technological infrastructure. Such high speed currents would disable, temporarily or permanently,
extended electrical conductors, such as the electricity transmission lines that make up our power grid.

any unprotected computers and microchips.
all the systems that depend on electricity and electronics, from medical instruments to military communications.
As the EMP Threat Commission put it:

The electromagnetic fields produced by weapons designed and deployed with the intent to produce EMP have a high likelihood of damaging electrical power systems, electronics, and information systems upon which American society depends. Their effects on dependent systems and infrastructures could be sufficient to qualify as catastrophic to the nation. [Emphasis added.]

The systems at risk from EMP include:

electronic control, sensor, and protective systems of all kinds
computers and cell phones
cars, boats, airplanes, and trains
the infrastructures for handling electric power, telecommunications, transportation, fuel and energy, banking and finance, emergency services, and even food and water.

A One Two Three Punch
Following rapidly on this electromagnetic tsunami, there would be a "medium speed component" of EMP. It would cover roughly the same geographic area as the first, "high- speed" component, though its peak power level would be much less.

This medium-speed component follows the high speed component by merely a fraction of a second. It further damages the electric systems that are already impaired and exposed by the initial electromagnetic impact.

And finally, there is a third wave of EMP attack, the "slow component" produced by the continuing expansion of the fireball in the earth's magnetic field. This slow component — a pulse that may last just seconds or minutes — creates disruptive currents in electricity transmission lines, damaging the surviving electrical supply and distribution systems.

Unpredicted Test Effects
The destructive power of EMP effects was first glimpsed in the atmospheric nuclear tests of the Cold War era. The United States and the Soviet Union independently discovered the same phenomenon: a high-altitude nuclear explosion could damage or destroy electronic systems on the earth, with potentially devastating consequences for the targeted society.

In 1962, the United States conducted a test called "Starfish," detonating a nuclear weapon about 250 miles above Johnston Island in the Pacific Ocean. The resulting EMP reached all the way to the Hawaiian Islands, a little over 700 miles away. There, on the far edge of the EMP field, the explosion extinguished streetlights in Honolulu, tripped circuit breakers, triggered burglar alarms, and damaged a telecommunications relay facility.

The Soviet tests included a series of high altitude nuclear detonations over South Central Asia. EMP from these tests damaged overhead (and even underground) electrical cables at a range of 375 miles, causing surge arrestor burnout, blown fuses, and blackouts.

The consequences of an EMP attack would of course be far more significant today, with so much of our infrastructure (civilian as well as military) dependent on electricity and electronics. The EMP Threat Commission estimated that it could take "months to years" to fully restore critical infrastructures after an EMP attack:

Depending on the specific characteristics of the attacks, unprecedented cascading failures of our major infrastructures could result. In that event, a regional or national recovery would be long and difficult and would seriously degrade the safety and overall viability of our nation. The primary avenues for catastrophic damage to the nation are through our electric power infrastructure and thence into our telecommunications, energy, and other infrastructures.

These, in turn, can seriously impact other important aspects of our nation's life, including the financial system; means of getting food, water, and medical care to the citizenry; trade; and production of goods and services.

The recovery of any one of the key national infrastructures is dependent on the recovery of others. The longer the outage, the more problematic and uncertain the recovery will be. It is possible for the functional outages to become mutually reinforcing until at some point the degradation of infrastructure could have irreversible effects on the country's ability to support its population. [Emphasis added.]

What Is Being Done to Address the Danger?

An EMP attack potentially represents a high tech means for terrorists to kill millions of Americans the old fashioned way, through starvation and disease. Although the direct physical effects of EMP are harmless to people, a well designed and well-executed EMP attack could kill — indirectly — far more Americans than a nuclear weapon detonated in our most populous city.

Dr. Lowell Wood of Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, a member of the EMP Threat Commission, has warned in testimony before Congress that an EMP attack could reduce the United States to a pre-Industrial Age capacity, in terms of its ability to provide vital food and water to its population.

In 1900, prior to widespread electrification of the United States, our country's population was less than one-third of its size today. An attack that destroyed our technological infrastructure would certainly decimate the population.

But if EMP is such a big threat, why have we not heard more about it? Why do we not hear discussions of how to reduce its potential impact on this country? In fact, the EMP Threat Commission was the outcome of four years of hearings and briefings, as a frustrated Congress tried to alert the executive branch to the danger of EMP attack.
Their efforts seemed futile. In 1997, Gen. Robert Marsh (then-chairman of the Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection) told the House Armed Services Committee:

[W]e consider a terrorist acquiring a nuclear weapon, and positioning it at the high altitude necessary for generation of an EMP burst that would debilitate our infrastructures, to be a very remote possibility. . . . Such an event is so unlikely and difficult to achieve that I do not believe it warrants serious concern at this time. [Emphasis added.]

In contrast, the testimony Congress received from other sources strongly suggested that such a devastating attack was neither unlikely nor difficult to achieve. It seemed that there was, in fact, reason to be concerned that terrorists and rogue states might present an EMP threat to the United States.

Concerned members of congress received help from an unlikely quarter in May 1999, when Russia explicitly invoked the specter of an EMP attack on the United States.
Vladimir Lukin (the chairman of the Duma International Affairs Committee) assured a delegation of American legislators that Russia was not helpless in the face of U.S. led interventions:

Hypothetically, if Russia really wanted to hurt the United States in retaliation for NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia, Russia could fire a submarine launched ballistic missile and detonate a single nuclear warhead at high altitude over the United States. The resulting electromagnetic pulse would massively disrupt U.S. communications and computer systems, shutting down everything.

This blunt statement succeeded in getting the attention of both parties in Congress. A second opinion was clearly needed. And on October 30, 2000, the EMP Threat Commission was established by law.

The EMP Threat Today
The EMP Threat Commission conducted a worldwide survey of foreign scientific and military literature to assess the knowledge and intentions of foreign states regarding an EMP attack. The survey confirmed that both the physics and the military potential of EMP are indeed widely understood in the international community.

The commission survey found that the following nations were knowledgeable about EMP: China, Cuba, Egypt, India, Iran, Saddam Hussein's Iraq, North Korea, Pakistan, and Russia.
The commission also learned that some foreign military experts regard EMP attack as a form of electronic or information warfare, not primarily as a form of nuclear war. One of China's leading military theorists has written:

Information war and traditional war have one thing in common, namely that the country which possesses the critical weapons such as atomic bombs will have "first strike" and "second strike retaliation" capabilities . . . .

As soon as its computer networks come under attack and are destroyed, the country will slip into a state of paralysis and the lives of its people will grind to a halt. (Su Tzu Yun, World War: The Third World War — Total Information Warfare, 2001.)

In Iran — the most unabashed state sponsor of international terrorism today — some theorists have argued that the key to defeating the United States lies in attacking its electronics. This is from an Iranian political military policy journal:

Once you confuse the enemy communication network, you can also disrupt the work of the enemy command and decision making center.
Even worse, today when you disable a country's military high command through disruption of communications you will, in effect, disrupt all the affairs of that country. . . . If the world's industrial countries fail to devise effective ways to defend themselves against dangerous electronic assaults, then they will disintegrate within a few years. . . . American soldiers would not be able to find food to eat nor would they be able to fire a single shot. ("Electronics to Determine Fate of Future Wars," Nashriyeh e Siasi Nezami, 1999.)

And this implied threat may not be empty words. In addition to their successful ship launched Scud missile test, the Iranian military has reportedly performed tests of its Shahab 3 medium range ballistic missile in a manner consistent with an EMP attack scenario.

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France is Burning - Part 2

What The Media Isn't Telling YouAbout The French Muslim Riots (Part 2)

One of many French daycare centers burned to the ground by Muslim rioters

JTF has warned for many years about the Muslim terrorist threat to Europe - Hordes of North African migrants cross the Sahara desert in over crowded trucks to find work in France and other European countries
Last week, JTF discussed the recent Muslim riots in France and how the left-wing, Muslim-loving media - the anti-Western, anti-white, anti-Christian and anti-Jewish media - "reported" or rather failed to report on their extent and savagery. (We have included our November 23, 2005 article,
What The Media Isn't Telling You About The French Muslim Riots (Part 1), in our HOW WE CAN SAVE AMERICA section below.) This week, we will look at "underlying causes," both as the media sees them, and then as they really are.

Just as the blacks in America, and the Arabs in Israel, have their apologists, so do the Muslims in Europe - British Communists marched side by side with Muslim terrorist sympathizers at a March 2005 demonstration in support of "victory to the Iraqi resistance"
As it did in the wake of the Hurricane Katrina riots, as it always does following the incessant outrages by blacks, Muslims and assorted Third World gangrene in the United States and abroad, the media was predictably quick to put an anti-Western spin on the violence.

Every effort was made to whitewash the violence and terror, by claiming that the Islamic murderers and looters and rioters were somehow justified in their actions, and that their crimes were in fact perpetrated by everybody but the criminals themselves.
It is hardly necessary to go through the whole litany of apologies. We have heard it all before, over and over again, ad nauseam. The rioters are not criminals. They are "disaffected" residents of "impoverished" areas, "rebelling" against a "racist" system which ensures that, through no fault of their own, they will never improve themselves.

If only given the proper "opportunity," we are told - if only more billions and trillions were spent on their housing and education and medicine - they would settle down and become willing and productive members of our First World society, eager to work together with us to build a better world.

What do they have in their own homelands? - Slavery is rampant in today's black Africa, just as it is throughout the Muslim world. (A Gabonese child slave girl sells ice water in the ironically named Libreville ("Freetown"), the capital of Gabon.)
Muslim rappers in France preach anti-Western hatred as viciously as do the black rappers of America and the Arab ones of Israel - A fist-clenching French rapper named Rost is of Togolese origin
Over the past few weeks, we have heard many complaints from the left-wing media and cowardly, self-hating whites of Muslim unemployment, and of the supposedly miserable life of Muslims in wretched, poverty-stricken neighborhoods.

But we have not heard much about how the unemployment rate in France among all Frenchmen stands at a whopping 10%. Nor have we heard that the neighborhoods in which the Muslims have been rioting are often 50% Christian.

French Christians, living in the same neighborhoods as the Muslim rioters, face exactly the same conditions of poverty and unemployment but remain law-abiding and productive members of Western society
The Christians - need we bother to add? - have not been rioting, no more than there were riots among whites in America during the Depression or among Jews during the hard times which preceded the foundation of Israel. Only Muslims, blacks and Arabs are possessed of the savagery required to destroy their own communities, and those of their neighbors, when things fail to go their way.

And only they are given excuses for doing so by a media which viciously condemns as "right-wing extremism" and "religious fanaticism" mild demonstrations of Western outrage like those of the Minutemen in America and Israel's right-wing Jewish dissidents.

A horrible image of African starvation
In fact, the Muslims in France and the rest of Europe, like the blacks in America and the Arabs in Israel, have never had it so good. France's Muslims have been made citizens by left-wing French governments eager for their votes, so eager that France discriminates not against its Muslims but against its Christians, just as whites are discriminated against in favor of blacks in the United States, and just as Jews are discriminated against in favor of Arabs in Israel.

Like the blacks in America and the Arabs in Israel, the Muslims in Europe are constantly screaming "discrimination" - Born in Algeria, Yazid Sabeg, the only Arab head of a large French corporation, complains of anti-Arab, anti-Muslim discrimination. "People don't like my face," he says. "In some circles, the Algerian war still continues." The head of CS, which works in the sensitive military communications and aerospace industry, Sabeg was investigated for years in the early 1990s after the French intelligence service reported that he was aligned with Algerian terrorists.

Like America and Israel, France has spent fortunes trying to employ the Muslims, to educate their inbred and retarded children, and to clean up the filthy hovels which they have spread over the French landscape. (Parts of Paris, once one of the most beautiful cities, if not the most beautiful city, in the world, have been turned into garbage-strewn, urine-stained imitations of America's most infamous rat hole, the South Bronx.) Billions have been spent on free daycare, free housing, free education, free medicine, and cushy, make-work federal jobs which are practically sinecures, patronage jobs from which the employees cannot be fired.

The French foreign minister Dominique de Villepin met with rioters to discuss new giveaways in response to the violence - a move which predictably led to even more rioting - Villepin is shown with his boss Jacques "Iraq" Chiraq, and meeting in August 2004 with the imam of France's largest mosque

The arrogance of the French Muslims almost surpasses their ignorance and violence. It is not, after all, as if they can claim that life was better for them in their nasty Muslim homelands, racked by war, oppression, injustice, disease, poverty, the rape and genital mutilation of women and girls, mass murder, and every other ill which violence and laziness and stupidity and mistrust and envy breed in Third World societies. (At the present time, November 2005, thereare a dozen savage wars raging in the Arab world, none covered in the news.)

America does not need leaders like George Wahabi Bush capitulating to Arab Muslim terrorism - In May 2004, Bush went on the Arab Muslim terrorist television network Al Jazeera to apologize for the American "mistreatment" of Iraqi prisoners. (Bush's capitulation was witnessed all over the Muslim terrorist world, including in the Israeli city of Hebron, where 500 heroic Jewish pioneers - including valiant JTF ally Noam Federman and Chayil party leader Baruch Marzel - "hold the fort" against 80,000 murderous Arab interlopers.)

Why else would there be - as there presently are - 300 million Muslims poised eagerly on the southern borders of Europe, its new "soft underbelly," eagerly awaiting the chance to come swarming in? Why else, for that matter, would most of the world's 1.5 billion Muslims salivate at the thought of escape from their own nasty lands of Islam?
The savage Muslim riots which have racked France for the past few weeks are - or should have been - an object lesson for every non-Muslim "infidel," in America and Israel, in Europe and in every other civilized nation of the globe.

After decades of coddling Muslims, after decades of inviting them into France and appeasing them with socialist welfare handouts comparable to the "affirmative action" giveaways of America, the undeserving Muslims of France have expressed their gratitude for French largesse by unequivocally demonstrating that they will stop at nothing to suck an "infidel" nation dry.

Former German Chancellor Gerhardt Schroeder told the world in December 2000 that Germany needs more Muslim immigrants - In the months leading up to the Muslim terrorist butchery of September 11th, the German city of Hamburg was home to Egyptian Muslim terrorist Mohammed Atta and his fellow 911 conspirators

Today, Europe is clearly being led down the garden path to destruction by leaders like Jacques "Iraq" Chirac, who once armed Saddam Hussein with a nuclear reactor, and who recently boasted that France's recklessly lax immigration policies would keep France free of Islamic terrorism; and former German Chancellor Gerhardt Schroeder, who complained in the months before September 11th that Germany does not have enough Muslim "workers."

By the same token, we do not need an Ariel Sharon in Israel, making increasingly "painful concessions" to Arab Muslim terrorists. We do not need a George Wahabi Bush ordering the State Department to encourage even more Muslim parasites to come to the United States.
Chana House, a Black Star bus station and barber shop in the Sahara desert, on the Third World road from black and Muslim Africa to France - The writing on the wall warns against posting and urination
A terrified 7-year-old African girl undergoes the agonizing, brutal, barbaric and dangerous Islamic custom of female genital mutilation, euphemistically called "female circumcision" in many Muslim-loving Western circles

Instead, we need leaders willing to face the problem of Islam realistically, and willing to take the steps needed to deal with its violent and growing threat to world peace and stability.
There is no way to save America from moral and spiritual destruction - which will lead to physical destruction - unless right-wing righteous Gentiles are prepared to lead a massive civil disobedience revolt against the traitors destroying this once great nation.

If we are willing to mobilize now, it is not too late to save America. For the sake of America, Israeland the West, we hope and pray that we can motivate G-d-fearing American patriots to act.
Africans get the finest Western medical care in France, at no cost to themselves - what do they have in their own wretched homelands? - A disease-stricken African is treated with hot water from a tea kettle, dispensed by a nurse who protects his hand from infection with a plastic baggie

Pakistani children swim in raw sewage during summers when the temperature can easily reach 120 degrees F in the shade
In your heart, you know we're right. And in your guts, you know they're nuts.

Every generous check or money order (which can be anonymous) made out to "JTF" (which is political and not tax-deductible) or to "VJA" (which is fully tax-deductible and non-political) makes a huge difference. You can also send cash donations if you wish.
Do not depend on others to do your part! G-d only

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